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No offense to the new users, but many new users have asked really stupid questions that can be easily looked up. Maybe add the Question Etiquette link to the rules? Also, when the users sign up to the site, maybe have the site email the user with the Question Etiquette?

Also, these "stupid question" incidents have cause several top/frequent users to become mad (J98, PB-10, and MewCreation) and have lead to them to leave the site. Maybe, you can give a trustworthy member who comes on the consistently editing powers, so that member can limit this from going further.

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just to sad :(
i think this is a good idea
For example: Fear Itself, Sam Sam Sam Sam...
Also: Hex, Shxatoap...
Almost left Mew, Almost left.

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I don't really have time to post a lot right now, but I will say this.

Unfortunately with a site like this there are going to be people not reading the rules sometimes. Obviously I'll try and make it clearer for users, but there is already a big yellow box at the top of the page for new users saying to read the rules.

But when it happens the solution is to flag and/or downvote the question. And rule #1, don't answer duplicate or rule breaking questions! (except to link to the original) I can't count the number of times I've seen bad questions and people just go and answer them anyway. I dunno if it's just to try and grab points or what.

I'll be honest I haven't spent much time on here for the past month or so, partly time and partly because I just haven't had the motivation. Sorry guys. Maybe I'll make a few more people mods to try and cut down the crap we're getting here.

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The bold speaks loudly, that is a major thing that users are doing that keeps this going.

The newer users need to learn; if you post a rule breaking question, you won't get the answer!
You're back!
Read the " Bored of Pokebase " as usual I was a bit grumpy. You still need to read that email Pokemaster!