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Linked below is a Google Form that you can use to privately report users for any wrongdoing. The mods on the staff team have access to its responses, and will address each one in turn. If anything or anyone within this community is concerning you, then please leave us a message. We do check this form regularly.

Click here to access PokeBase's report form.

If you would like to have a conversation with us instead, then you may send us a private message using Discord. You will gain access to our account names and DMs by joining the official PokeBase Discord server. If absolutely necessary, you can also leave us a message on our walls here on PokeBase.

When we see your message, we will discuss as a staff team what the best response should be. We might choose to ban or warn the user in question, or we may decide to do nothing. In any case, please do not discuss or make mention of who you reported or why outside of this form. This limits drama.

Thank you for helping us make PokeBase a safe and enjoyable experience for everybody.

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This is a (slightly outdated) guide on how we handle warnings and bans. You can read more about this on this thread.

General protocol:

  • If a person has a duplicate account, then first check the siblings post. The account has absolutely no issues if they post there. If there's no post made there, ask both users in question if they know each other. If they say yes, they are instructed to post on the siblings watch page, and if they claim to not know each other, they are temporarily banned (see situation below).
  • When a user is un-banned, post on their wall saying so.
  • For registered users, recall that a kick is not a ban. Banning means you can't use the Q&A portion of the site or the chat. A kick means you are not able to use the chat for 10 minutes. It's not a bullet to the head so depending on the situation (especially in the case of repeat offenders), it does not require a warning.
  • Don't use inside terminology to new users that might not know what it means. "Mini modding" is an example. It makes sense when you have context, but newer users might not know what that is, so it just saves time to say "enforcing rules when an Editor+ is present" and able to handle it instead.
  • If you want to report a user you see in the chat or somewhere else, use take a print screen on your computer and take screenshots as proof for a report. Most people choose to upload their images onto imgur. It does no good to report someone without any proof unless it's just a suspicion. If this is just a suspicion, then identify it as such. This also applies to people like editors or moderators. Even if you know somebody did something, please leave proof anyway if another Editor/moderator has to handle something and needs context. If you believe someone is being unfair, please do not go to another person of the same rank and complain.
  • Take screenshots, have proof, and post a report like you would anyone else if you believe a staff user (expert, editor, moderator...Pokemaster?) is acting unfairly. Without proof suggesting otherwise, we're going to assume the person was justified in their actions. Again, take screenshots, not testimonies from other people there. If there are multiple people that witnessed it, that's all the more reason to have screenshots because there were more people that could have gotten them.


  • Calling each other racial slurs or other such language-1 kick, no warning. Repeats result in 1 day ban a second time and a permanent ban the third.

  • Posting pornographic content--Permanent ban, no warnings.

  • Making a duplicate account without posting on the siblings watch: 2 days if there was no usage for the duplicate account ( upvotes and downvotes), week if it has been used for upvotes. Permanent if either one happens again. The duplicate account is always banned permanently in either situation. If a person confesses to having a duplicate account, they will not be banned for it. That said, if there's a repeat offense, it's totally fair game.

  • Being an obvious spam account or one of the lovely new users we've gotten that swear and throw tantrums about their posts without actually reading the rules- A brand new user yelling about them not understanding the rules get 1 warning and are informed of the rules that got their posts hidden. After that, it's a permanent ban.

  • Continual all caps-1 warning in chat, followed by kicking after warning. If it's a continual problem, 1 day ban. Additional calls made from there.

  • Backseat driving and enforcing rules when other users are there to handle it- 1 warning given, followed by a kick. Only in rare cases like this guy would it warrant a ban, but 1 day for first time and permanent from there.

  • Creating a duplicate account after being banned for another punishment -In addition to whatever the first punishment is, an additional 5 days are tacked on.