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I think it would be a good idea. We removed giving points for up - voting for the same reason, if you ask a question that doesn't get down voted, that's a free 4 points. And users who want quick points can do that, and since we have a point limit for voting, anyone who can ask 20 questions that don't get down-voted, can vote on things.

Which is a bit scary, if you ask me. Just a thought.

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i think its a good idea as i said but is there a way to keep points  and maybe keep the rule untill your around 100-150 because then its to hard for new comers to get points
Blob, its fairly easy to get points as a newcomer. Just ask and answer in a good way and don't be an arrogant little b**** to others.
lol but maybe only give the 4 points if theres 2 answers i meen if theres only 1 thats to easy points maybe if theres 2
If you answered the question correctly, then you deserve BA. Simple as that.

Yeah I know I was cencored you don't have to. I'll take the drop and just make it up by earning them for real. The truth is the best answer bonanza awhile ago was to get points of course now I regret it and will remove some of them.

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As mentioned elsewhere, I reduced it to 2 points for now. It may get removed in future though.

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