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A little problem on the new hierachy?

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Halcyonic Falcon has received Expert status. But he can only edit things on Pokebase. Is that supposed to be the case?

PB-10 has the ability to hide posts. But on RMT, it doesn't list that privilege. Meaning he can only hide in Pokebase.

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Thank you for spotting that. It's sort of complicated because there are separate points totals for each of the sections. I also forgot to make the Editor change on the subsections.

For Your Information, here is what we have now:

Voting/flagging: 80 pts on main Pokebase, 30 pts on Meta & RMT.
Editing questions/answers: 6,000 pts on main Pokebase, 500 pts on Meta & RMT. (Hooray, you can edit posts on RMT, PokeBase, and Meta, Mew!)
Editing comments & Hiding posts: anyone manually set to Editor or Moderator, and me as Admin of course :)

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Only 50 more upvotes for PokeBase, and 14 more for Meta....
Wow, I never realized we have meta points!
Only *50* more up-votes for meta! XD