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If someone gives you an unsavory answer, then you sometimes find that it is never answered better because, being answered, it is harder for people to know that it needs answering better. So perhaps we should be able to click a button, and the question appears on a please answer bar (like the unanswered bar.) Also, it should only be allowed for questions that have been answered.

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I just wanted to suggest that°))
That's a good idea.
I always ask the person if they don't like my answer but your way sounds less confusing.
A negative vote may help a little

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Well the way some other sites do it is for "Unanswered" questions to contain any question where no one has upvoted the answers. So if a question has 3 answers but they're all at 0 points, it still counts as unanswered.

Apparently this is difficult to add to the site but it may come in the future!

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