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Hello pokemaster. I'm asking this because I would like to have the honor of being one.
I want to help as much as I can since I spend a lot of time here.
Do I have the qualifications to be an editor?

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Try to get a lot more points. I would expect speed freak and Will to be in the top running for next position as editor.
If he does add more me and ~Will~ are probably next up due to massive point lead
I got that from Trachy's comment.
Shxatoap, I expect you to be one of those top contenders for the position though.
I think the next version of the software we're using will automatically give privileges to members over certain thresholds, so I will probably just use that.

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Sorry, I'm not adding any more editors at the moment, we are doing fine with what we have.

But I will probably be asking for help with the main site soon, so keep an eye out for that.

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