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Wall for Pokemaster (page 17)

Hey Pokemaster what's with the weird sprites you gave the Gen 6 Pokémon?  Where'd those come from?
Dec 5, 2013 by HelloBloon
NOooo i missed out on the name change by 2 days ;~; When will the next one be?
Dec 4, 2013 by Ozzytheninja99
Pokemaster, can you please make this into a mobile site/app if you haven't already?
Dec 2, 2013 by SparkyBlaziken
"I'm a white male, aged 18 to 49. Everyone listens to me, no matter how dumb my suggestions are!"- Homer Simpson?
Am i correct? :3
Dec 1, 2013 by Spark Pichu
Hi. this is the best pokemon site and I am begging that you make this into an app.
Nov 28, 2013 by Tampabayleef
Hi pokemaster. I would like to chat with u whenever you're on
Nov 24, 2013 by RedtheLEGEND
To anyone reading this, you have to speak entirely in quotes from The Simpsons if you want Pokemaster to do. That or actually say things that are good ideas.
Nov 23, 2013 by DarkTyphlosion
People seem to be under the impression that the great and mighty Pokemaster actually cares if they tell him to **** off.  XD I think he's either completely ignoring these wall posts our laughing his butt off at BigZ7272's attempts to insult him.
Nov 20, 2013 by Poke'slash
Thank you so much for making this site Pokemaster. Even though I've been a member for under 24 hours, I love the community here.
Nov 18, 2013 by Le Scraf
Why do You block things is it bc you dont want people to know things? i mean come on. Administrator My ass...Delete me or what ever i dont care, but you should just block things with fowl languge...Jac!< As$
Nov 13, 2013 by BigZ7272