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Hahaha! >:D My first standard deck.
So far, I've battled about 6 times w/ this deck. I've won every time, so thats nice. <3 I'm able to pull out Emboar very quick and sweep w/ the rest. I really like how this deck is made, but here it is, trachy. ;P

Pokemon: 17
x4 Tepig (BW #15)- Needed for Evolution.
x4 Pignite (BW #17)- Fame Charge powers up the field. Needed for Evolution.
x2 Emboar (BW #20)- Ability power ACTIVATE! Inferno Fandango (xD) makes this deck what it is. This card doesn't need much of another description.
x1 Emboar (BW #19)- A great match for Emboar is emboar. This guy is a heavy hitter. 4 for 150 not only does a lot of damage, especially to EXs, and w/ 150 HP, this guy can take a hit or to from said EXs, and then knocks them out w/ Heat Crash.
x4 Reshiram (BW Next Destinies #21)- This thing is the other half of reshiboar. Hitting heavy and hard w/ Outrage and Blue Flare.
x2 Mewtwo EX** (Next Destinies)- This guy again? Haha! Pretty sure youre tired of these Mewtwos popping up in every deck, trach. ;P This guy fits in pretty well actually, getting a lot of energies down pretty quick.

Trainers: 20
x1 Pokedex- Might as well, right? Can rearrange my next 5 cards and pull what I want.
x1 Revive- Why not? I can revive Reshiram or Mewtwo back on the field.
x2 Catchers- Every deck needs a few Catchers. ;P They can turn the game around. This card needs no formal introduction.
x2 Poke-Comm- This also needs no formal introduction. Subing out one useless card (atm) for one I can put into play.
x2 Prof. Juniper- Discards my hand for a brand new one. As a wise man once said, "It lets me get through my deck and finds the card I want". That wise man kinda scares me.
x2 N- Switches out my and my opponents hand for something new. Both good and bad, I'll take my chances.
x2 Heavy Ball- Pignite and Emboar both need to be on the field ASAP. These work great as a search power.
x4 Cilan- Gets 3 energies out and I can put them down right away. If I drew Reshiram that turn, I get him fully stocked and ready to attack in one turn.
x4 Energy Retrieval- With 4 Reshirams comes 4 responsibilities. With each Blue Flare, I have to discard energy, not to mention from knock outs. So now I can get some of those into my hand.

Energies: 23
x2 Double Colorless Energy- Needed to power up Mewtwo, Emboar, and Reshiram in the beginning. Thats all of 'em. ;P Nice power-up.
x21 Fire Energies- Do I need to say anything?

Haha! So here it is. Its worked pretty well so far, any suggestions?

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lol I saw Reshiboar and thought it was supposed to be a core, and I'm like: "That's not a core" and then I realized it was TCG.
xD And how long did that take you?
It took me 3 minutes xD
I'm with B3N.... ;P

If it were a core, it would be in the tier NUber.
The synergy between the two is just amazing :D
You guys are to funny. xD
PS: @Bro: xD Lmao. 3 minutes staring at a screen trying to decide what this deck means. Did you read it? Cause the first sentence says "My first standard deck"
Took me reading the title.Reshiboar is a common deck like reshiploshine.
Hmm... I know it as the Afterburner deck. Nice choice. ;P
I figured out it was a deck as soon as I looked at it. lol @ Spoink and Inom

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Or you could insteaadd of adding PokeDex just draw three of those cards you see with Cheren, probably getting one or two of the ones you wanted, and then have more useful trainers in your deck.
Such as Catcher, Communications, ENergy Retrieval, Super Rod, Cilan, etc.

You might also want to nix two Pignite and add in two Rare Candy. (Or maybe even nix all four of the Pignite and go four Rare Candy.)
Okay, let's take out the Ns, the Revives, the Pokedex, the Communications, and the Heavy Balls. We'll then add in two more Juniper and three Cheren. Then we'll add in three Super Rods, which should help you with decking as well as energy recovery.
I would then remove the two Double Colorless Energy and add in two more Fire energy.

Speed is important for Rain Dance. You want to have three Stage 2s and three basics out all with at least four energy each while your opponent still has their basics.


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