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You'd be suprised by all the people who fall for fear sets on wi-fi.

Hippopotas Lvl.5 @ Focus Sash
Role: FEAR and DonphanFear helper.
Trait: Sand Stream
EVs: Nothing
Nature: Adamant (How I found it)
~ Protect
~ Roar
~ Endeavor
~ Stealth Rock

A fear user that sets sand to help donphan use its fear right.

Mienshao Lv.100 @ Life Orb
Role: Taunt, Weather setter, and ground/rock/steel destroyer
Trait: Regenorator
EVs: Attack and Speed
Nature: Bold (All natures are how I found them :T)
~ Fake Out
~ Drain Punch
~ U-Turn
~ Dual Chop

I can't use this fear set if the person has a weather user or a rock, ground, or steel type.

Donphan Lvl.25 @ Shell Bell
Role: FEAR star
Trait: Sturdy
EVs: Nothing
Nature: Lonely Nature
~ Endeavor
~ Ice Shard
~ Protect
~ Toxic

FEAR me if you dare!


Aron Lvl. 5 @ Shell Bell
Role: Donphan's FEAR replacement if he's feeling sick
Trait: Sturdy
EVs: Nothing
Nature: Lonely
~ Endeavor
~ Protect
~ Toxic
~ Mud Slap

I will bring either, depending on my mood. Not both, but either.

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LOL what about reuniclus and/or Alakazam
this is a FEAR team so... no reuniclus or alakazam...
No, they are threats to his team.
Are you forgetting about the fact that people have to go to the dream world to get magic guard akaazam? Plus, i havent seen either. People dont know a thing about the metagame in wi-fi

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