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Me and Hex have been working on this team since late January and are now pretty happy with the outcome. Originally the team was 5 pretty original members that hit hard and had good synergy between one another that I had made. Hex asked me if I wanted to build a team so we got on Priate Pad and made many changes. Soon after we realized that it was a big fail (both the original and the second edition). It was very easy to set up against and kept no momentum. So we went back to Priate Pad the next day, and the day after and if I can remember the day after that and fixed up our many problems. This was a whole new team that worked allot better. Though there was still room for improvement so once we fixed that up we essentially had the basic structure of the team you see now.

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Both me and Hex have used this current team many times to great success. We have made changes since Saturday so I am at least counting this as the 4-5th edition to the team. In my first battle I won 6-0, in my second 5-0 and then my third 2-0 against Mew. I have yet to actually loose with this final edition, though I have used it only maybe 10 times. We have not been trying to ladder as we have been more focused on patching holes.

Rotom-Wash @ Leftovers
enter image description here
Levitate | Modest | 232 HP / 52 SAtk / 224 Spd
Volt Switch | Hydro Pump | Wil-O-Wisp | Hidden Power [Fire]

Rotom is pretty much a pain in the ass for any team being able to run rings around the opponents team with Volt Switch giving us momentum. It hits just about everything on a rain team excluding Ferrothorn putting more pressure on the opponent to make the obvious switch, possibly costing him the early game. I mentioned Ferro being a problem. Well not any more. It can be burned on the switch or killed by the unexpected Hidden Power Fire which also hits Breloom, similar to HP Ice. HP Ice may be useful for rendering Garchomp/Dragonite useless but the team really appreciates the loss of Ferro early on in the game and it has a W.O>W to help sponge the hits anyway. The EVs makes it a bulky attacker while also out speeding Jolly Breloom at 262 Spd. Volt Switch is the main move and paired with Hydro Pump it will let us take out threats such as RP Landorus (considering it is not using Gravity)
who otherwise threaten the team.

Landorus-Therian @ Choice Band
enter image description here
Intimidate | Adamant | 72 HP / 252 Atk / 184 Spd
Earthquake | U-turn | Stone Edge | Superpower

Well you know your screwed when you see some of the damage calculations from this guy.
I'm not going to give any but when you have a 78% chance to OHKO Specs Toed who is pretty bulky, you know you have a monster. The loss in bulk in comparison to a defensive pivot set is pretty noticeable though the gain in power is incredible. It needs to be played carefully as it may have a nice defensive typing with intimidate to compliment that it is a crucial member of the team being a solid Terrakion counter. Though it can't constantly sponge these attacks especially with Stealth Rock damage stacking in up. This is another problem. When the opponent sees no leftover recovery it is a problem. It means that our job is much harder and predicting has to be done with allot of thought.

Kyurem @ Leftovers
enter image description here
Pressure | Modest | 52 HP / 252 SAtk / 204 Spd
Substitute | Roost | Dragon Pulse | Ice Beam

Its offensive typing forces allot of switches allowing us to set up a free sub as the opponent sends in Ferrothorn only to find it can Set up or attack. Though if it has no Gyro Ball its an instant death sentence. The best counters are usually Scizor but if I already have the sub up I can get a good 40% off with an Ice beam or Dragon Pulse before switching. It may have a weakness to Sr but it is a common switch in to Choice users such as Thundurus-T locked into Thunderbolt. If we get to low health then it is as simple as Roosting back up. Its a pretty simple set really abusing 101 HP subs while the opponent tries hard to break the sub sometimes loosing a Pokemon in the Process.

Ferrohorn @ Leftovers
enter image description here
Iron Barbs | Impish | 252 HP / 88 Def / 168 SDef
Power Whip | Thunder Wave | Stealth Rock | Leech Seed

Not much to be said about Ferrothorn really. A Ferrothorn is a Ferrothorn. Though this set has become incredibly important to the team checking the two biggest threats to my team being Latios and Latias. Ferrothorn is our only real dragon resistance so usually dragon spammers give us troubles. Thats where Thunder Wave comes in. Its hits Latias on the switch in trying to get off a cheeky Hidden Power Fire while also supporting the whole team being generally slow appart from Terrakion. We needed rocks so here are our rocks and Leech Seed stalls and is extra recovery that really screws over Blissey.

Terrakion @ Choice Scarf
enter image description here
Justified | Jolly | 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd
Close Combat | Rock Slide | X-Scizzor | Sacred Sword

A reliable choice scarfer is needed on almost all teams IMO. Terrakion is very reliable and is easily one of the best revenge killers out there. It may be yet another Fighting weakness to our team but that's not a problem as those who carry fighting moves are dealt with my the 3 other members of the team. Rock Slide is over Stone Edge for the reliability, after all missing a Stone Edge against a +1 Gyarados is quite unfortunate. Close Combat is a solid late game sweep move while Sacred Sword helps troll against Baton Pass teams but is more reliable if I am at risk of taking hits from priority or another speedy sweeper in late game.
X-Scizzor deals with Celebi who is a right pain in the balls. Apart from that nothing is really incredibly amazing about this pretty standard set. Though for those wondering Earthquake isn't being used as it offers fairly little coverage that I can already provide.

Starmie @ Life Orb
enter image description here
Natural Cure | Timid | 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Surf | Psychic | Rapid Spin | Thunderbolt

The team originally had Gengar in this spot (It was co made by Hex after all) but our team was very open to Spikes in particular which caused massive problems. Surf is a pretty solid stab that will do massive chunks to Pokemon like Scizor in and out of the rain. Psychic hits Breloom for an easy Ko whiles also hitting Toxicroak expecting the Dry Skin recovery on the switch in. Rapid Spin believe it or not spins away hazards. Where as Thunderbolt is just good general decent coverage hitting 50% of all teams hard (considering 50% of teams are rain). It serves a solid check to Conkelduur as we can't rely on Landorus to constantly switch in especially if it has Ice Punch. Life Orb is over Leftovers as this is an offensive team and Leftovers just doesn't hit hard enough. Unfortunately this makes Starmie more frail than it already previously was.

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@Hex we have hit the character limit. I have already removed about 2000 characters worth of stuff. Thouh feel free to change the title as its more of a placeholder
You idiots, I showed you PiratePad XD Before, the DB didn't even know what it was.
:) Its pretty cool though Hex got irritated by the noise it makes when you post. He thought it was coming from his house :D
I recommend Scarf Kyurem and SubSalac + SD Terrak.
If I remember correctly we did have Subsalac Terrakion but it didn't really do that much to the team.
SubKyurem can stall out things with SubRoost and Pressure to go along with it and honestly Terrakion is a great scarfer with a nice typing and a nice base speed.
I see that you finally used Thunder Wave :D
How does this team deal with Breloom? It eliminates your Scarfer/Revenge Killer, Physical Wall, and Special Attacker without much need of boost (3 Fighting weaknesses). Although Landorus has Intimidate, SD shrugs it off after one use. However, the two of you are phenomenal battlers, im sure you are more than capable of handling it. I just can't see how.

Kyurem: Earth Power<Dragon Pulse for the excellent coverage it provides as opposed to the current set thats walled and counter by Steel type Pokemon.
We were origionally using sleep talk glengarry which really trolled breloom but we needed a spinner badly and our only option was Starmie who may go down to a +4 Mach punch but hits it harder. It is pretty frail so Rotom deals with it nicely. Thanks for the only suggestion though :D excluding one by Mew a few days back.

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