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Welcome to the RMT, and behold my latest and greatest Monotype team. This Mono-Psychic team has scaled to #30 all the way from the 800s within a period of a day (which is no feat, just a personal record, breaking the Peak of my previous team, Sky Warriors by 12 Seats, and thus fulfilling it's main goal. This team was created as an Anti-metagame team, and is designed specifically to counter all of the Monotype Tier's popular (OP) Team Typings, such as Mono Fighting, Mono Bug, and especially Mono Ice. All three of the Types run the Monotype metagame without question or opposition, so I decided to be the one with the team that beats them all. It has proved successful in both it's purpose and it's goal, and has quickly become just one of those teams that synergizes well with my style of play. As of now, it stands as my best Monotype Team, dethroning Mono Flying (although Mono Flying still stands as my favorite).

Ladder Screenshot

Here is the proof of my personal record-breaking achievment. (Disregard the smear, Mircrosoft Paint and I had a little argument and it won).


"A Wish for Victory" is a balanced team with many versatile options and game styles that it can be played with. It primarily focuses on Offense, with Choice Scarf Jirachi abusing her Serene Grace (Iron Head/Body Slam), Choice Banded Victini decimating with its power attacks, and Reuniclus swinging the offensive momentum to it's advantage with Trick Room, all supported by the Wall known as Slowbro. Gallade is excluded from the focal point of the team as it really has no significant role; its on this team because it always seems to set up do to it's oh-so unexpected Bulkiness.

Sweep, hide behind Slowbro or Gallade if in trouble, and then sweep again when it's safe.


Jirachi Choice Scarf @ Choice Scarf
Serene Grace | Jolly | 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Iron Head | Body Slam | Fire Punch | Trick


enter image description hereenter image description here@ Lum Berry
Regenerator | Calm | 36 HP / 216 Def / 4 SAtk / 252 SDef
Scald | Icy Wind | Slack Off | Thunder Wave


enter image description hereenter image description here@ Choice Band
Victory Star | Jolly | 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd
V-create | U-turn | Fusion Bolt | Quick Attack


enter image description hereLight Clay@ Light Clay
Magic Bounce | Timid | 252 HP / 4 SAtk / 252 Spd
Reflect | Light Screen | Wish | Psyshock


enter image description hereLeftovers@ Leftovers
Justified | Careful | 216 HP / 76 Atk / 56 Def / 136 SDef / 24 Spd
Drain Punch | Ice Punch | Bulk Up | Substitute


ReuniclusLife Orb@ Life Orb
Magic Guard | Quiet | 156 HP | 64 Def | 252 SAtk | 36 SDef
Psyshock | Shadow Ball | Focus Blast | Trick Room


Jirachi- Choice Scarfer
Jirachi is an extremely Anti-Monotype Tier Pokeomon. If functions as this teams "Choice Scarfer", Revenge Killer, Status Shutdown (Trick), and Hax0r (lol). The given EV Spread invest fully in Attack and Speed to give it decent power and advantage, allowing it to pull of it's offensive tactics. These include the abuse of Serene Grace used in conjunction with STAB Iron Head, which reaches a 60% chance to Flinch the foe and many times KO it before it even gets a chance to attack. This rapid peck at health followed by a loss of turns not only make up for its laughable Attack Stat, but also allow it to score unexpected KOes, even on Pokemon resisting Iron Head. Body Slam is another attacking option used in combo with Serence Grace, in addition to Iron Head's flinching rate. Body Slam also reaches a 60% chance to Paralyze, slowing down foes that are either naturally faster or Choice Scarfed/ Tricked. This strategy is called ParaFlinch , and is one of the most annoying but effective tactics to be used in the game. Trick
shuts down any Pokemon using Status Moves such as Set-Ups for Substitutes or Stat Booster. Fire Punch is for coverage.

Slowbro- Wall
Just call him Wall-U because thats exactly what he does. Unless you have Set-Up or have a strong Bug Buzz/Thunderbolt, hes not going down. And don't you dare try to throw a Toxic or Will-o-wisp at him to try to take away from that; you'll just find yourself switched into to an insanely strong Victini or even worse a Scarf Haxrachi. Did I mention that he also restores 33% of his health upon switch?

The given spread is not your average one. A great investment in Def and SDef in combination with a naturally sky high HP set and a slght investment in SAtk.

Ugh... Its like 4 A.M here so I'll finish these descriptions laterz.
I hope that you enjoyed viewing this team as mucn as I did playing. Feel free to use it yourself, you can get an Importable in the comments below, just make sure to **give credit to the original creator* (me), as I would also do myself.

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I don't see the point of Icy Wind on Slowbro tbh, especially with Trick Room support, really makes little sense to me. The Spread is nice on it btw, gotta use it one day.
Ehill, don't you mean 4 HP on Jiriachi instead of 6?
Great team BTW! :D
6 HP is the same damn thing, just that PO puts it like that.
Yeah that has long been replaced with Ice Beam, pulled up an older version.
Why the heck would he be reading this...
wait, jirachi can't be considered a girl...more like a childish boy

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