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Okay, so I'm planning to use this deck for a tourney in town, and I can't unfortunately put more of each card for most cases, so what you see is generaly what you get, but make the suggestion anyway. And I only will use legit cards, so HG&SS-B&W Next Destinies.

Pokemon: 24
1.Shaymin (Unleashed)- Its not there for the attack, its there for its ability Celebration Wind, which is uses when I got a Mewtwo EX up my sleeve. I only got one of them.
2.Mewtwo EX (Next Destinies)- Along with Gardevior and moving energies with Celebration Wind, X-Ball can and will be deadly. Not to mention Psydrive, which KOs a vast majority on Pokemon, but it's not gonna be common any more with all of these new EXs.
2.Minccino (Next Destinies)-Needed for evolution, and call of family could bring out a Mewtwo EX.
1.Cinccino (Next Destinies)- Smooth Coat make it a 50-50 chance that I won't get attacked, and it would work wonders if I had the Legendary Victini with Victory Star, but I don't how sad. And Echoed Voice can do 100 after 1 turn.
3. Elgyem ( 2 Noble Victories, 1 Next Destinies) With First Contact, this pokemon can call 2 of any basics to my bench, while the Next Destinies Elgyem can paralyze my opponent.
2.Beheeyem (Next Destinies)- Brain Control cancels my opponents strategy by putting their best card at the bottom of their deck, while Psybeam does 40 damage and confuses them. Either way, it seems win-win.
4.Darumaka (Next Destinies)- Needed for evolution. This guy has quite a bit of hp for a basic thats not suppose to be strong, but Hammer is SO not my strategy!
3.Darmanitan (Next Destinies)- It's here for DarMAXitan, and with Gardevior on the bench and about 3 Psychic energies on it, it can have the potential to do 300 damage, KOing any pokemon in sight.
3.Ralts (Next Destinies)- Needed for evolution, and nothing more.
2.Kirlia (Next Destinies)- Needed for evolution, and nothing more.
1.Gardevoir (Next Destinies)- The queen of this deck. I really need more of these, but I only got 1. Psychic Mirage socks up my bench with energy and is the first pokemon I want to get onto my bench.

Trainers, Supporters, and Stadiums: 19
2.Rare Candy (Unleashed)- I probably should have more of these, and believe me I DO. Needed to get Gardevior onto my bench.
2.Pokemon Communications (B&W)- To get those cards that I don't need out of my hand in exchange for cards I do need.
2.Level Ball (Next Destinies)- Used to get Shaymin, Min/Cinccino, Elgyem & Beheeyem, Darumaka, and Ralts & Kirlia in my hand, which as you can see is the majority of my deck.
2.Pokemon Catcher (Emerging Powers)- to knock out my opponents weaker pokemon they're trying to build up.
2.Cheren (Emerging Powers)- Drawing 3 cards, only can loose against a Durant Deck,
2.Bianca (Emerging Powers)- Used to build my hand back up.
2.Cilans (Next Destinies)- Used to get some energies when my hand is low.
2.Pokemon Collector (HG & SS)- Used to build up my bench. Good card- needed.
1.Full-art N (Noble Victories)- Used to get a new hand and mess up my opponent.
1.Prof. Oak's New Theory (Call of Legends)- Used to get a new hand.
1.Prof. Elm's Training Methods (HG & SS)- Used to get an evolved pokemon when I need one. I would have more, but in the past, they've believe it or not, haven't been very good.

2.Prism Energy- Used on Mewtwo as a psychic energy and counts as double because of Gardevior.
4.Double Colorless Energy- I don't have much use for them, but every energy counts.
11.Psychic Energy - Needed but can be reduced/added too.

So yeah, this is my deck. Thanks for taking the time to read it (If you do). And I understand no one here is a mind-reader and can't predict which cards I have and don't have.
P.S. Trachy, I asked my math teacher, and you can make a pie chart with 101%. Just saying'
And thanks to anyone who can help me with it! :D
(Whoa! Trachy! Your a tag on here!)

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Your math teacher was wrong. You can make a bar graph but not a pie chart.
Okay, so lets say we're both right and leave it their. Agreed?
Nope, because you used "their" and not "there". :P
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Let's take out the Cincinno line and Beheeyem line. We'll be putting in some more powerful Pokemon in their place. he first of these is perhaps one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game, Gengar Prime (no surprise that a Gengar card is most powerful. It's always been that way.) http://www.serebii.net/card/triumphant/094.shtml Look at this thing, 130 HP, Normal resistance, no retreat and great attacks/ability. With the trainers I'll be adding, you'll definately want to have this card in. To whatever you can to get it out. This also means adding in two Haunter http://www.serebii.net/card/triumphant/035.shtml and three Gastly http://www.serebii.net/card/triumphant/063.shtml

Now then, let's deal with the Energy before the Trainers. Replace the Double Colorless for more Psychic.

Now for Trainers. You will want to search your deck for Gengar and Gardevoir. Get out N, Bianca, Level Ball, and Rare Candy. So now for ten more new Trainers. Add in two more Pokemon Communications, two more Cheren, one more Prof Oak's New Theory, and three more Prof Elm's Training Methods. Then add in one Lost World http://www.serebii.net/card/calloflegends/081.shtml for use with Gengar. This can prove easier than beating your opponent's Pokemon. Play it only when they have six in the Lost Zone, otherwise you might end up losing it to other Stadiums.

Pokemon: 22

x1 Shaymin (Unleashed)
x2 Mewtwo EX (Next Destinies)
x4 Darumaka (Next Destinies)
x3 Darmanitan (Next Destinies)
x3 Ralts (Next Destinies)
x2 Kirlia (Next Destinies)
x1 Gardevoir (Next Destinies)
x3 Gastly (Triumphant)
x2 Haunter (Triumphant)
x1 Gengar (Triumphant)

Trainers: 21

x4 Pokemon Communications
x4 Cheren
x4 Professor Elm's Training Methods
x2 Pokemon Catcher
x2 Cilan
x2 Pokemon Collector
x2 Professor Oak's New Theory
x1 Lost World

Energy: 17

x15 Psychic Energy
x2 Prism Energy

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Thanks SOO much, Trachy! YTB!