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Gengar @Leftovers
Hasty nature 4 attack/252 S.attack/252 speed EVs ability levitate
-Giga Drain
-Shadow Ball
-Sucker Punch

Scizor @Occa Berry
Impish Nature ability technician 252 HP/4 attack/252 defense EVs
-Swords Dance
-Brick Break

Arcanine @Leftovers
Gentle nature 248 HP/8 attack/252 special defense ability justified
-Extreme Speed
-Dragon Pulse

Gliscor @Toxic Orb
Adamant Nature 184 HP/252 attack/72 speed EVs ability Poison heal
-Swords Dance
-Stealth Rock

Garchomp @Leftovers
Jolly nature 4 HP/252 attack/252 speed EVs ability rough skin
-Dragon Claw
-Stone Edge
-Swords Dance

Aggron @Leftovers
Adamant nature 252 HP/252 attack/4 Special Defense EVs ability Heavy Metal
-Ice Punch
-Heavy Slam

I hoped you enjoy my team.Feel free to copy it!

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The moves you have on scizor make technician useless, either change the moves to make it of use by adding moves like bullet punch or switch to swarm
ok.thanks,jolteon.my team HAS been doing bad lately.
Automize makes your pokemon lighter so it counters heavy slam
oh yeah,but thats only to raise its speed when im facing a jolteon or something.

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