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Bulky Offense is rather new to me, but after having my Hyper Offense teams wrecked by walls, i decided to change things around a bit.

Tyranitar - Role - Hazard Setter

Ability: Sand Stream

Item: Chople Berry

Nature - Relaxed (Speed down, Attack Up)
EVS - 212 HP, 180 Special Defense, 80 Defense, 36 Attack

Moves -
Stealth Rock
Stone Edge/Rock Slide

The main pokemon of the team, and the one on the field the most. Not an imaginative set, but it works well. Stealth Rock cripples fire or flying pokemon that trouble Mega Venasaur, while payback breaks the psychic types (except gardevoir) that threaten Mega Venasaur with psychic.

Stone Edge was my initial choice for STAB,but it misses at the worst times, so i tried running Rock Slide. Still in limbo about which one to choose, both having their merits.

Venusaur (Mega) - Role - Tyranitar Defender/Fairy Counter

Ability: Thick Fat

Item - Venasaurite

Nature - Timid

EVs - 248 HP, 96 Defense, 144 Special Defense, 20 Speed


Giga Drain
Sludge Bomb
Leech Seed

Type wise, the perfect partner to Tyranitar. If Tyranitar cannot handle it, 80% of the time, Venusaur can, and plus two of his weaknesses are removed by mega evolving. Venusaur doesn't usually KO things, he tends to stall so Stealth Rock inflicts maximum damage. After playing, I realized that Steels were a problem. Venasaur didn't have room for earthquake, and Tyranitar is too slow to land earthquake. Cue entry three:

Garchomp - Role - Late Game Sweeper

Ability: Rough Skin (HA)

Item:Earth Plate

Nature: Jolly

EVs - 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP

Moves -

Dragon Claw
Iron Head
Stone Edge

The 'mix' part of the team. Garchomp is the fastest, and hardest hitting member of my team. Usually, i send her out near the end of the game, to mop up the team after it has been worn down by stealth rock and toxic. Obviously her natural bulk helps greatly, but moonblast and ice beam both destroy her easily. Iron Head is mainly for the switch, or half way through a sweep. Unfortunately, She needs a good water type counter companion (as most water types use ice beam).
However, I also use her to defeat steels, excluding Ferrothorn and Skarmory. These two steels needed a special counter - fire.

Heatran - Special Wall/Steel Counter

Item - Assault Vest

Ability - Flash Fire

Nature - Modest

EVS - 252 HP, 252 Special Attack, 4 Special Defense

Moves -
Earth Power
Flash Cannon
Solar Beam

Heatran is my special wall, and also my counter to pokemon like Skarmory and Ferrothorn. She can also beat any grounded steel using flamethrower and earth power (and also any other heatran).
Solar Beam is more of a filler move, although it punishes switch ins with water types heavily, if predicted. However, it is usually safer to use another pokemon. Looking at my party, i realised water types with ice moves destroyed me rather easily, and mega venusaur was my only counter.

Lapras (Lucy) - Water Counter/Ice STAB Abuse/Bulky Late Game Sweeper

Item - Never Melt Ice

Ability - Water Absorb

Nature - Modest

EVs - 252 HP, 252 Special Attack, 4 Special Defense

Moves -
Freeze Dry

I'm sure quite a few people are crying inside at this choice. Yes, Lapras isn't as bulky as I'd like. Yes it usually only lands a handful of moves. Yes, the Ice Typing is a pain.

Let me say two words - Freeze Dry.

The only reason i use Lapras, is Freeze Dry, and (ironically) her water/ice typing. Her typing lets her tank ice attacks, and her ability neutralises Surf/Hydro Pumps directed at Heatran, and help restore her.

Leftovers is probably a better fit, but the more damage freeze dry outputs, the deadlier she gets, and that one move is her primary usage. Psychic punishes fighting switch ins trying to hit her ice typing, and then it is accuracy battle. Hydro Pump hits harder and nets more KOs, but like Stone Edge, misses at horrible moments, and with no recovery, that's risky for her.

Milotic - Toxic Wall/Special Move Deterrent

Item - Leftovers

Ability - Marvel Scale

Nature - Bold

EVs - 252 HP, 160 Defense, 96 Special Attack

Moves -

Ice Beam
Mirror Coat

At first glance, a bulky water doesn't fit on the team. But, combined with stealth rock and toxic, Milotic can provide just enough stall to push the enemy over the edge.
The 'anti-taunt' moveslot was torn between ice beam and scald. However, Scald interfered with Toxic strategies, although the burns can be useful on physical sweepers.
Recover combined with leftovers ensures Milotic stays on the field, and the recovers mitigates any potential sandstorm damage.
Mirror Coat is a surprise move that is hellish to get onto Milotic, but plays havoc with enemies utilising thunderbolt, or sets that only have special attacks. Combine that with Recover, Milotic is a very effective stall pokemon for this team. The only immediate problem is that Recover runs out of PP very easily.

PS. Sorry for no artwork, my pictures were far too big.

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Just saying that life orb outclasses type plates and grass type hidden power on Heatran is better than solar beam.
Well heatran is 6IV so it gets HO dark. And Solar Beam is kinda meh anyway. Just there for the sake of four moves.
Garchomp did run Rocky Helmet, but it was a bit too situational. And Garchomp lacks enough bulk for LO.
And Lapras is kinda forced to boost freeze dry..... As it's the only thing it's good for.
Damn it this is my own team but in a different account. Doh. Anyway, thinking to run Azumarill over Lapras.
Life orb boosts freeze dry more than icicle plate does.
Lapras and Milotic are outclassed in OU. I would also suggest this Garchomp set.
Life Orb
Same EV's and Nature
Swords Dance
Fire Fang
Dragon Claw/Outrage
Also consider using a Grass Z-Crystal on Heatran to power up Solar Beam.
It distinctly says gen 6 in the title

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