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15 Pokemon

1 Zekrom Ex

Zekrom Ex is the main pokemon of
this deck i made this deck
beacuse i got a Zekrom Ex
and Glinting claw has a 85%
chance of doing 80 damage
when Victini is on
the bench.

3 Zekrom

Zekrom is is one of the main attackers
and a powerful basic that doesnt need
to much energy to attack.

3 Minccino

Minccino evolves into cinccino.

2 Cinccino

Cinccino is very powerful and works
awsome with Victini.

1 Victini/Fliptini

The reason i have a victini in this deck
is beacuse of its ability
for exemple if i have victini on the bench
and cinccino on the active spot the
opponent only has a 25% chance of
doing any damage with attacks to cinccino.

3 Eelektrik

Elektrik is to get the energys back from the
discard pile.

3 Tynamo

Evolves into Eelektrik.

14 Trainers

2 Level Ball

1 Pokemon Catcher

3 Pokemon Communication

2 Potion

1 Revive

1 Super Rod

2 Eviolite

11 Supporters

2 Engineer's Adjustments


3 Interviewer Questions

1 Pokemon Collector

2 Professor Oak New Theory

2 Twins

2 Switch

20 Energy

19 Electric energy

1 Rescue Energy

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Oh My God. You have NO idea how close this is to a deck I was planning on making. Freaky...
This deck is pretty common in tcg online.
I guess I can see it being some-what popular. However, you WILL see a lot of these cards in the deck I post. You've been warned! XD
Cincinno does not work with Victini. Only with attacks and only on your turn does Victini work.
Victini can work when the opponent attacks i used it in TCG Online
and i already now that Cinccino ability can only take attacks but
i almost never see status conditions or any other way to do
Damage in TGC Online.
I meant that seeing as Cincinno's Smooth Coat is an ability and not an attack it should not fall under Victini's ability. The fact that it works with opponent's attacks leads me to believe there is an error with TCGO in a similar way as errors on PO.
I think you're right it's probably an error. I heard [KwandaoRen66][1] said something about it being an error as well.

  [1]: http://www.youtube.com/kwandaoren66

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