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Only Cards From Black & White are allowed, but energy, Item and Trainer cards from other versions are allowed.

4x Zekrom- Has a 3 for 120, which will power up the other attack which can become a 2 for 140 attack.
4x Blitzle- Needed for Evolution
3x Zebstrika- A 1 for 30 attack, which another 3 for 70 attack.
4x Joltik- Needed for Evolution
3x Galvantula- 1 for 20 attack, with another 2 for 40 attack.

18 Pokemon

1x Sunyshore City Gym- Helps me greatly, as it will make all my pokemon have no weaknesses, and make all my attacks have no resistance.
3x Pokemon Collector- Helps me get Zekrom out.
4x Buck's Training- Gives me an Extra 10 damage for my attacks
4x Night Maintenance- Helps me retrieve my cards discard from Sage's Training.
4x Sage's Training- Lets me get cards i want.
4x Pokemon Reversal- Just like Gust of Wind
2x Energy Restore- Lets me get back energies.

22 Trainers

20 Electric Energy

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