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My online battle team has a few issues I want to ask about.

  1. [email protected]
    -Shadow ball, Ice beam, Aura sphere, Psystrike.

should I substitute Either Shadow ball or Ice beam for Flamthrower for more type coverage? It’s holding an life orb if that makes an difference

[email protected]
SwordsDance, ExtremeSpeed, Recover and Shadow claw.
Should I substitute Shadow claw for something else?

[email protected]
QuiverDance, Hurricane, Flamthrower and Bug buzz.
My strategy is to set up and sweep. Is there a better way to run Volcarona.

Gyarados or Garchomp:
[email protected]/FocusSash
Jolly nature
Rough skin
-Swords dance
-Iron head(Coverage against Ice and Fairy)
-Dragon Claw
Item: Focus sash or Life orb

[email protected]
Adamant Nature
-Dragon Dance
I want to know what one of these seems to work better with the rest of the team. Also I’ll wait a turn to Mega Evolve Gyarados in order to evade that suppereffective hit.

Ash Greninja or Marshadow?
[email protected]
GrassKnot, DarkPulse, Ice Beam, Water shurriken.
(For Ash Greninja I was thinking a Z move would work well here to activate BB but that would possibly alter the next question but please suggest a Z-move if seen as being better).ill also change Ice beam if Mewtwo from Q1 is keeping it.

[email protected]/FocusSash
ShadowPunch, Drain Punch, SpectrialTheif, FirePunch.
(I can change Marshadow’s Fire punch based on what the answer is in Q1).

UltraNecrozema or MegaRayquaza
[email protected]
Any set depending on fusion.

[email protected]
Earthquake,ExtremeSpeed,DragonDance and Dragon Ascent.

Quiver dance Volcarona can mess with anyone.
Garchomp can set up on any slower Pokémon, including Pokémon of his  weaknesses. Gyarados D-Dance works around 30% of the time, it feels like(if you mega evolve it correctly). Ash Greninja is strong. Like It’s almost as strong as Mewtwo.
Rock polish Groudon is better at messing with anyone. In a format dominated by Rayquaza, Marshadow, and Arceus, not a lot of things are slower than Garchomp. Ground Arceus can set up on more things. If Gyarados can work 30% of the time, then you can do better than 30% if you use things like Kyogre or dark Arceus. Mewtwo is good for reasons other than stats, so being as strong as Mewtwo isn't very meaningful. Use mega Mewtwo Y, Kyogre, or Deoxys if you want really strong Pokemon.
Could you give me a replacement for Garchomp and Gyarados then? And should I use UltraNecrozema? Also Should I go with Ash Greninja it Marshadow and I will be using Mewtwo it has amazing type coverage not found anywhere else but I won’t use mega Mewtwo because I don’t like how it looks.
You can replace Garchomp and Gyarados with ground Arceus and Kyogre. I think Solgalium Z Necrozma is better because it resists more stuff. I think you should use Marshadow with spectral thief, close combat for more power, shadow sneak to hit faster things like Deoxys or Gengar, and endeavor to hit bulky opponents after using your focus sash. If you want coverage, then you should use attack Deoxys. If you want Mewtwo, then you should use taunt, will-O-wisp, psystrike, and recover.

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