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The two of them don't look alike at all. They are both water type, I know that. But how does a fish turn into an octopus?! It's not logical.


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First, I know this is old, but I just wanted to say:

There, in fact, is a clear explanation for this. It has to do with their beta sprites, as seen here (next to their final sprites):

Remoraid's beta sprite looked like a gun and Octillery's looked like a soldier (this is backed up even more by having "raid" and "artillery" in their name etymology).

They were essentially based off of the ideas of guns/projectile weapons and sea creatures.

This didn't make sense anymore after the dev's decided to edit the design, mayhap because they didn't want to offend anyone (Guns in children's games, etc.).

Hope I helped!

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Additionally, Remoraid is possibly in part based off of the Archer Fish, which is known for shooting water (to knock prey off branches and into the water), and octupi are known for shooting ink, making them both aquatic animals known for shooting projectiles (further backed up by the gun/tank theme in their beta designs).
Although if you ask me, they really should have changed the designs a bit and switched which one was evolved and unevolved, because octupi are lame and just use their projectiles to flee like the cowards they are, while Archer Fish are cool and smart enough to realize that they have access to a real-life Hydro Pump (or at least Water Gun), so of course they’re going to be sweepers and use it to hunt.
And also, the USUM Pokédex movements makes it pretty much more a gun. :P
Well, thats one mystery solved out of my many questions in the universe.
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There is only one explanation to this: Only GameFreak knows. They wanted to build it like this, certainly. There is no other explanation, I guess.

Remoraid Baby octopus

The "baby octopus" link is so cute.
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Game Freak made a fish into an octopus, weird.