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Okay I know that you can get hone claws in victoryroad outside the Pokemon center.But where is it??? I dont seem to find it.Help!

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Alright. Here's how I did it. Steps are the way to go, YouTube is too laggy for my connection.

  1. It's not in the cave, firstly. After the badge check, you will find a makeshift Pokemon Centre right of the cave entrance. Stand in front of it, preferably the first spot in front of the doorway.
  2. Go right. Keep going. You will find a small, hidden passageway. Follow it, and you will find a small area with flowers and an item. That item is the TM01!
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thanks u fizzy
No worries. :3
Also, thanks to iNom as well, he answered before I did and his post was hidden later, which my post was never intended to do, as I never knew it was there until I posted this.