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It was bad back in Generation Two, but all the new changes since then has made it... still really bad. Why anybody would care about a moveset for this guy is beyond me, nobody should even think about using him. Anyways, mine has the ability Vital Spirit which is good considering that Hustle is in my opinion the worst ability in the game (maybe along with Truant and Slow Start.) My Delibird is fairly equal in Sp. Attack and Attack. It knows:

Focus Punch: High power, high accuracy, deals with Steel and Rock types.
Water Pulse: Decent power, decent chance to confuse, high accuracy, deals with Fire and Rock types.
Ice Beam: Good power, high accuracy, STAB, chance to freeze.
Toxic: Inflicts toxic poison. Might as well get some use out of Delibird.

Seriously, why are you spending time on this one? Or you're trying to insult someone by actually using this thing?

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Delibird (M) @ Choice Band
Trait: Hustle
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Ice Shard
- Aerial Ace
- Gunk Shot
- Brick Break

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This is just for fun

Santa (Delibird)

Present: youve been very good this year

Fly: magical reindeer

Blizzard: hes heading back home for the year OR Fling + Iron ball: I give you coal!!!

Round: ho ho ho

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*claps while laughing* BRILLIANT IDEA! 10/10! WOULD USE!
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I would trade in focus punch for brick break, for the better reliability. I'd rather use Luvdisc than him.

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And with Luvdisc getting an evolution...
Luvdisc doesn't have an evolution
They did not know that back then. They just assumed Alomomola would be an evolution due to being like 3 of them in one...
Luvdisc is considered by many to be the worst pokemon ever. Do you really hate Delibird that much?
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Ice Beam/Frost Breath-Chance to freeze, or Guaranteed critical hit; STAB

Water Pulse-STAB; chance to confuse.

Hidden Power [Ground]-Covers all weaknesses in one move.

Signal Beam-Type coverage.

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Support staller.

Rapid Spin/protect-Either blow away entry hazards or get more protection in conjunction with substitute.

Toxic-Stall out pokemon

Ice Shard/Icy Wind/Avalanche-Ice shard for priority, Icy Wind to cut speed, or avalanche for double power.

Substitute-Lets him last a bit longer.

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Three R's Delibird.

Recycle-restores held item.

rest/fling-Rest works with a chesto berry, or fling with an Iron ball.

Avalanche/icy wind/ Ice shard/protect/substitute-STAB or protection.

Toxic-Good for stalling

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Gen V

Delibird (M) @ Focus Sash

Trait: Vital Spirit

EVs: 40 HP / 128 Atk / 44 Def / 44 SDef / 252 Spd

Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

  • Fake Out
  • Hail
  • Toxic
  • Pluck
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Ability - Vital Spirit

Nature: Modest (-Att, +Sp.Att)

  • Fake Out - Needs free damage...
  • Ice Beam - STAB
  • Aerial Ace - STAB
  • Rest - Vital Spirit/Gunk Shot - Coverange
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Physical Moveset:

Seed Bomb Covers against Rock

Ice Punch STAB

Brick Break Beats Ice Types and Steel Types

Gunk Shot Covers Most everything else that needs covering

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You know... I kinda like delibird... but barely.
Item=Focus Sash
Ice beam/Frost Breath=Power, STAB/STAB, critical hit
Water pulse= Coverage
Seed bomb= Power, Coverage
Pluck= No more ideas... It takes the berry, if they have one... STAB

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Unlike most, I chose to have my delibird have hustle because of his poor attack power...

Delibird @ choice band, choice scarf, or focus sash
Nature: Naive
Ability: Hustle; raises delibird's attack
EVs in speed and attack

Aerial Ace - STAB, makes up for Hustle's reduced accuracy
Ice Shard - STAB, Priority
Bestow - If you are using a choice band or scarf, bestow will give the item to your opponent, confining them to the use of only one move. Good against set up Pokemon.
Brick break/Ice Punch - Brick Break : coverage, Ice Punch: STAB, good against slow enemies that won't be defeated by Ice shard

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I take no credit. This Delibird lead was made by a guy named Christian.

[email protected] Sash
Ability: Vital Spirit

Spikes- Set up.

Rapid Spin- This Delibird is not meant to switch out so he only spins the early hazards.

Freeze Dry- STAB. Provides same super effective coverage as BoltBeam.

Destiny Bond- Forces switches. Is used in conjunction with Focus Sash.

Modest nature. 252 SAtk/252 Spe/4 Def EVs. Video and source of this moveset: Video

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Delibird, the Santa Pokèmon

Right so to the Moveset
Delibird @Iceium Z
Nature Timid
Ability Hustle
Frost Breath
Ice beam

Hail deals damage to all Pokèmon except Ice.
Substitute takes the damage.
And, well rest are damage makers.