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Like the weak spots and all that juicy stuff.

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I'm surprised a mod hasn't fixed your grammar
No but an Expert did ;)

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Well, obviously, if you get a Pokemon with a fire, rock, or flying move it's easy to beat him. I'm guessing you have a Snivy, so find a fire, flying, or rock Pokemon. Once you get one, Burgh is Screwed.

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K and i am not even using my starter XD
I didnt when I versed him in Black 1 ;)
FF look at the first quesion I answered.
Just get a Zubat. It will screw Burgh over, since he has zero coverage against it.
One reason why Zubat is good, instead of annoying the heck out of you.
I agree with the Zubat comments LOL XD. I'll keep this in mind.