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I switch my brelooms poison heal with grumpig's skill swap, to give breloom thick fat witch would help with the ice and fire weakness, and restore grumpigs hp because he would hold a toxic orb, and breloom would hold a kebia berry for flying weakess.EDIT---FOR THE BATTLE TOWER. And in the case of the toxic orb/the move toxic, would poison heal restore more hp since the poison gets worse? Give this strategy 1 to 10 with an explanation. I would like if more than 1 person could answer, to give me different perspectives

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I would say its a very good idea! around 7.5 I think...maybe high. it would also do good if you gave it to someone like a forretress since fire is the only thing super effective.

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I agree with Speed on the fact that this strategy would be situational, and if you didn't need to use the strategy, you'd need to waste a slot on Grumpig for Trick, so that you don't poison yourself.

If Breloom doesn't need Thick Fat though, then the strategy's importance is minimal, and Grumpig's moveslot for Skill Swap isn't necessarily useless, but not needed.

It's a complicated one to critique, because I don't know how it would fare in most situations. I'll rate it a 7 though, saying that it's a fair strategy, when deployed under good circumstances.

And no, Badly Poison won't slowly restore more HP with Poison Heal. It just treats every Poison ailment as a regular Poison.

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Yes that would be an excellent strategy to make it

better I would suggest training grumpigs hp I would rate

it 8.5 but only use this strategy when you wil be fighting

fire and ice types becuase other wise you might as well

not waste grumpigs move.

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The problem is that if you ended up not facing a fire or ice type you would be forced to use skill swap or else grumpig would be have toxic. For this reason I will give it a 6.5.