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They neither lose health, nor gain health. This is because Poison Heal does not have an overworld effect.

Abilities that have effects outside battle.

Also, from Bulbapedia:

Outside of battle
Poison Heal has no effect outside of battle. (Poison will still have its normal effect on the Pokémon with this Ability outside of battle in Generation IV.)

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Pokemon with a real "no overworld effect" ability lose health when poisoned. If poison heal prevented losing health, then it would have an overworld effect, so your answer contradicts itself. Please clarify it.
From Generation 5 onwards poisoned Pokemon don't receive damage outside battle.  The poison won't do damage, and the ability won't heal either. Thus the answer is correct.
But that means poison heal's overworld effect is preventing poison damage, so it does have an overworld effect.
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Poison does not deal damage in Gens 5-7, so Poison Heal would do nothing.

The poison condition (PSN) (Japanese: 毒 poison) is a non-volatile status condition found in the Pokémon games, it causes a Pokémon to lose HP at the end of every turn, as well as outside of battle prior to Generation V.


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