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If I have this correctly, using Defog twice will decrease the opponent's evasion by 1.66. Does that mean Hypnosis will have 100% accuracy?

Hypnosis is 60% normally and 60 * 1.66 = 100%.
Has anyone tried this?

I Think That Would Be Correct, Im Not Sure, But I Seem To Remember Doing this with my Noctowl. Great Quetion:)!
Cool question...
Anybody think it strange that Pokemaster is asking questions? I think this is an imposter. :) Well, nice to know you aren't as all-knowing as your profile proclaims.

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If you want to get technical (In terms of the coding and mechanics), then no. Hypnosis' Accuracy is still 60%, but the target's evasion is lowered to compensate.

In terms of general results via the game, then yes, it would balance out to a 100% Accuracy (99.6% ;P).

Actually it is 100% because the increase is actually 1⅔, which is 1.6666666666...etc