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they can learn ice punch, so why not also sucker punch? it doesnt make sense... and it would be exelent for that pkmn... does anybody know a way to actually contact the Pokemon company for such things? a decent ramming atk (like,say, Double Edge)that takes advantage of rock head for Aerodactyl, and a decent water atk thats physical for Relicanth that gets STAB bonus, too.... there is too much that would make things much more fun if you could only be allowed to give more moves to different Pokemon... as for Double Edge for Aerodactyl, I think its ridiculous the only way it is possible is from firered or leafgreen and data drain up.... I did try breeding it in, using two data drained aerodactyl with the move. no go, so... yeah....

Sucker Punch isn't actually a punch, unlike Ice Punch, which is. A Sucker Punch is a cheap strike, like hitting someone in the back.
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even if Weavile did have access to Sucker Punch it would be largely unused. with a base 120 Atk and 125 Spe, Weavile will outspeed almost everything. Plus for STABs he has Ice Shard for the Priority which is better for checking Dragon Types, and for Dark STAB while 80 BP Sucker Punch might sound tempting, Weavile far too frail to abuse a SuckerSub set, and, all things considered, Pursuit and Night Slash are generally better options for the Devious Weasel.

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Well, and also because Sucker Punch may make Sneasel/Weavile too cheap. Like, they have really good attack, but pretty shaky defense. So if they had Sucker Punch, they would attack first (if the foe is attacking, of course) and KO the opponent before it can attack.

Not really...Sucker Punch is more of a set-up fodder move.
125 Base Speed...
Not may things besides scarfers are gonna be moving before Weaville anyways...
*Sigh* Guess you're right. I just checked. Only 5 non-legendary Pokemon have better speed than Weavile. Not including B/W
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The answer is simple: Thats how their movesets were made by Gamefreak.