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LeafGreen is his favorite version, so he wants to play it again (he already migrated his Pokemon over to SS.) He already has a team, but since he isn't as good with movesets, I made them for him. I want feedback. (By the way, if anybody wants to keep updated on our progress, since I am also starting Emerald, we love competition, please comment and let me know.) No Egg moves.

Aerodactyl: Dragon Claw, Iron Tail, Fly, Earthquake

Venusaur: Sludge Bomb, Synthesis, Sunny Day, Solarbeam

Jolteon: Thunder, Thunder Wave, Rain Dance, Flash

Machamp: Bulk Up, Brick Break, Rock Slide, Return

Snorlax: Rest, Sleep Talk, Double-Edge, Shadow Ball

Starmie: Surf, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam

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I'd teach Aerodactyl Flamethrower over Dragon Claw. Ice Beam already hits 90% of Dragons for x4 damage anyway, and you also need Fire-type damage. It also helps further compliment Venusaur's Sunny Day.

My only other idea may be to give Jolteon Pin Missle. You can break through Subs with it, and it can be a backup for hitting those pesky Dark or Psychic-types, in case Snorlax or Machamp slip up and get KO'd.

Still, even if you choose not to tak ehtis advice, this is still a great team with great movesets. For Gen III, this is about as good as it gets! =)

EDIT: If you wanted to keep Flash on Jolteon for the nimbleness, then consider Double Team instead, since it'll stay with Jolteon until it faints.

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I'll tell him Pin Missile instead of Flash and Flamethrower instead of Dragon Claw
Hey narwhals, what about this for Jolteon: Thunderbolt, Double Team,Pin Missile, Thunder Wave?
Trade in power for flexibility...I like it!