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In Anville Town in the bottom right house there is a man dressed in subway clothes who handles Lost and Found. What are the chances of recieving one? Are there variables that control the chances and is there an order that you recieve them in?
Thanks in advance!

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I dunno o.o
Does he only give out rare candies?
No he can give out Stat raising items.
Oooooh! I've never heard of this guy because I never stay in Anville for more than 2 minutes. I'll have to find this guy!

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He gives you items based on your win streaks at the Battle Subway. Every 7 wins and he'll give you a couple of one item. The items he gives are:
Full Restore
Max Revive
Rare Candy

And they aren't in any particular order.

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That's what I meant by beat a train +1
Dude.  Once, I got, like, 6 Rare Candies from that guy.  It was epic.
You must've battled at the Subway a lot then, and just never picked up your items. They accumulate. I usually only get about 3 items at a time. :(
Actually, no.  I didn't win very much.  Maybe it was because I used Memory Link on White 2, and I won a whole bunch of times on White...