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When I'm trying to trade ,in diamond in jubifife city ,and its say connecting ....waita moment then it comes up saying exactly this"no compatible point in range check ur connection setting and try again for help, visit www.nintendowifi.com. (51300)"
wat am I supposeded to dooooooo plzzzzhelp I really want to trade

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Oh, That Means You Dont Have Wi-fi. Basically, You cannot Trade around The World with Out Getting Wi-fi. If You Dont Have Wi-fi, You Cant Trade, Battle or Anything on The Gts. Do Not Worry Though, I Dont Have Wi0-fi Either, and Im Still Good At Pokemon:)
Therefore, Wi-fi Is Not A Need To Get Good Pokemon............Plus Half The Pokemon on Wi-fi Are Hacked.......

How do I get wi fi though
Pay for it, but it costs quite alot..........
Although it is a great way to battle with others. I wish mine was working so I could battle with everyone on this site :(
So you mean that some games come with wifi some don't what a rip off
No, no, no, wi-fi is wireless connection that you must connect to your house.................do you understand?
If wi-fi is connected to ur house, it will be connected to ur ds.
Ur welcome:0