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arcinine is fast.
darmantitan has a better move pool

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Its etc etc etc. Not ect ect ect xD.

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Actually Arcanine has a good Movepool. They a both Physical Attackers (IMO) but I would choose Arcanine.


Item : Life Orb
Ability: Flash Fire / Intimidate
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 72 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD / 176 Spe

~ Flare Blitz
~ ExtremeSpeed
~ Wild Charge / Crunch
~ Close Combat / Morning Sun

This is undoubtedly Arcanine's most dangerous set; not only is it incredibly strong, but it also possesses impressive coverage and strong priority to boot. If this monster gets a single free switch-in and you can predict correctly, something is definitely going down. Flare Blitz acts as the primary STAB move here; its naturally high Base Power, combined with Arcanine's above average Attack and Life Orb, make it absolutely devastating to anything that doesn't resist it, especially if Arcanine manages to get a Flash Fire boost. ExtremeSpeed, in addition to making it much more difficult to revenge kill, gives Arcanine an additional niche in being able to pick off weakened faster opponents, such as Flygon and Azelf. Wild Charge gives this set the ability to hurt the Water-types that commonly like to switch into it, bar Swampert. Crunch is an alternative as it still does heavy damage to Slowbro and Slowking while giving Arcanine a means of getting past Chandelure. Close Combat is Arcanine's best option against Rhyperior and Snorlax and gets a harder hit on Empoleon, Houndoom, and Porygon2; it's also Arcanine's strongest move against predicted Kingdra, Flygon, and Swampert switch-ins. Morning Sun simply acts as Arcanine's reliable recovery move, but using it comes with the cost of giving up a coverage move.

Hope this helps.

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