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Sorry, this may have been asked before, people keep saying that Emboar is as good as Darmanitan, but I could have sworn Darmanitan won hands down. So which should I use as a powerful Fire/Fighting Type? For in-game and competitive. It's main teammates would be: Durant(as a well-covered killer), Serperior(as a speedy Sweeper), and Stoutland, as a revenge killer with moves like Retaliate, Shadow Ball, and Surf. Sorry if this should be asked on Battle Subway, or breaks the rules, please tell me if it does.

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First thing first Darmanitaian isnt half Fighting type. But I would still go for him. He just outspeeds almost everything when it has a Scarf and can be a major threat. He is a all around great Sweeper. Emboar is good just not as good.

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It isn't?! It should be. Darn you Poke'mon Company. Thanks Kyron.
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