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How can a mono steel type team combat a dual fire fighting type? Most have 4x weakness to one of those.

This team is using Pokemon obtainable in gen V

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Thanks for the answer! This is my first question!

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Here's my answer! Have a Heatran on your mono Steel team!

Heatran (Fire/Steel)
Item: Chople Berry/Shuca Berry
Ability: Flash Fire
EV's: 252 SAtk, 120 Def, 120 SDef, 8 HP, 8, Spd
Nature: Modest

  • Earth Power

  • Stone Edge

  • Scary Face/Stealth Rock

  • Magma Storm/Heat Wave

When a Pokemon with Flash Fire is hit by a Fire-type move, it does not deal damage but instead raises the power of the bearer's Fire-type moves by 50%. A Chople Berry reduce a super effective Fighting type move by 50%. A Shuca Berry reduce a super effective Ground type move by 50%. Earth Power and Stone Edge can counter Fire types, and both moves are pretty powerful. Scary Face can stop Sweepers from sweeping (FireFighting types are normally Sweepers), but Stealth Rock can be very helpful. Magma Storm/Heat Wave are both powerful moves with STAB.

Hope this helped!

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But then it would no longer be a mono steel team. You could have skarmory take out the fighting types. And then aggron or Exadrill take out the fire types.
Heatran is a Fire/Steel type, so why can't it be on a mono Steel team?
OHHH Heatran. Jeez leweez I was totally think of a completely different pokemon.
I upvoted. When I get Heatran I am totally giving him this moveset.
Thanks! ;)
oops i meant gen V but heatran still obtainable and you can get skarmory
Air Balloon over Shuca Berry. Cause any ground type move is almost assured death.
but people wouldnt just carry ground moves (unless ur  a n00b)
Yeah, they would. Earthquake is boss.
What in hell is stone edge doing in that set