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i like sneasel, so what dark-type move would be best? I soooo want Sucker-Punch.... but oh well, whats the best? ive EV trained it's ATT to the max, and I always have 6 pkmn in party, but it holds nothing, with it's pickpocket ability.....


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Just being the devil's advocate for Beat Up.

I never really liked Beat Up... until I saw being used in Competative Play.

It can break through Focus Sashes and Sturdy with ease. With max Attack at Level 100, each hit has a power of 36, which is pretty good for a Multi-Hit move. With STAB, 54. Hitting 6 times, the combined power is 324 if all member are alive and don't have a non-volatile status like Burn, Freeze, etc.

One downfall: it cannot be boosted by moves like Swords Dance. But, it can be boosted by Items like Muscle Band, Choice Band, etc.

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To be honest with you, there really isn't much point in having Sneasel not evolved. It can by far learn better moves like Night Slash and Sucker Puch ad has better stats by a distance compared to Sneasel. But if you really don't want to evolve it, then read on.
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Well, Sneasel is a great Physical attacker, even ingame so its a good thing you EV trained it to max in Attack. Since there is a Move Tutor in BW2, use it to teach your Sneasel Foul Play. It is a great move with nice BP and PP, and suites Sneasel really well ingame. I used it for my Sneasel when playing LC ingame and it worked great. If for any reason you cannot have Foul Play, then your best bet is for Faint Attack or Pursuit. Beat Up isn't bad but when you can have a stronger move on it, there's really not much point.

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I find that the problem with foul play is that it relies on the OPPONENTS attack stat. So it might not be as powerful as a move that relies on your pokemons attack.
Its the best move it can have, with 95 BP, it is great. The opponents attack is only a side boost onto it.
"Foul Play uses the opponent's Attack stat instead of the user's in damage calculation. In other words, the move acts as if the target is attacking themselves, and thus is more powerful when the opponent has higher Attack"

Source: http://pokemondb.net/move/foul-play
Neither Sneasel or Weivile can learn Sucker Punch