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Where can I find the legendary pokemon regi steel/ice/rock in ruby/sapphire?

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Or hertgold

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See this... it has complete legendary place!
hope this usefull...

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Thankyou very much sir it was really helpful you know where to download pokemon heartgold and SoulSilver in nds format :) and do you know how to evolve Riolu to a Lucario I'm playing platinum now and want to evolve it at the fastest but it is given in that it will not evolve by gaining level so how does it evolve do we have to use stones for it :)
First, ask this in the Pokebase main site, not in this question...
since has been closed for download, I don't know where except that site!
and for Riolu, it evolve with happiness... so, keep battling with Riolu and don't fainted. it will raise it happiness...
Um... Pokemaniac comment edited by Swampert, but my comment? who is anonymous?
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Oh yes who edited my comment who is this swampert

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Sorry if I have made any mistake I'm new to this place and is not so familiar how this works

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