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Please show their original tier and what tier they're in up to date, and all their tier changes.

Ex. Hydreigon was in OU, but it was moved to UU and then back to OU again. Right?


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Hmm, this will be complicated, but I'll try, ok?

  • From NU

November to December 2011

Victreebel from RU to NU.
Dugtrio to OU from NU
Druddigon to RU from NU
Klingklang to RU from NU
Lanturn to RU from NU
Rhydon to RU from NU
Roselia to RU from NU
Scolipede to RU from NU
Slowking to RU from NU
Smeargle to RU from NU.

January to March 2012

Mesprit from NU to RU
Charizard to NU from RU
Ludicolo to NU from RU
Sawsbuck to NU from RU

April to June 2012

Cryogonal to RU from NU
Magmortar to RU from NU
Metang to RU from NU
Quagsire to RU from NU
Golurk to NU from RU
Jynx to BL3 from NU

July to September 2012

Metang to NU from RU
Gothitelle to BL from NU

October to December 2012

Absol to RU from NU
Amoonguss to RU from NU
Cinccino to RU from NU
Emboar to RU from NU
Snover to RU from NU
Roselia to NU from RU
Stoutland to NU from RU

Will continue later.

May I please have this updated? I want it updated every 3 months. It does NOT have to be JCM. I will give one upvote to anyone who edits this every 3 months. Thanks.

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Why 3 months??
Also js these are only Pokemon from NU, this is extremely incomplete.
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3 months is when they update the tiers. So, with that theory, I believe they've already done it this month.
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Are you asking about this month or the totality of time that tiers have existed? I don't have enough energy to answer the latter; tier changes for this month have been asked already:

Abomasnow has moved to UU. (down from OU)
Chansey has moved to UU. (down from OU)
Absol has been moved to RU. (up from NU)
Amoonguss has moved to RU. (up from NU)
Cinccino has moved to RU. (up from NU)
Emboar has been moved to RU. (up from NU)
Snover has been moved to RU. (up from NU)
Roselia has been moved to NU. (down from RU)
Stoutland has been moved to NU. (down from RU)

>Source and I looked through the list myself.

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