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I have a Shiny Celebi level 12. I am really confused about how the boy won't turn back into a Zorua. Is it because I need a regular Celebi? I don't really know how to get one. And the events never work for me.

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It's probably better just to get Black/ White 2, since Zorua is given as a gift in Driftviel City. The even Celebi is hard to come by and too much trouble.
Or just use pokegen to hack an event celebi.

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it has to be the Event Celebi which wasnt shiny so I know its not the one you have.

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Well, to sadly tell you the truth, you need an Event Celebi to make the boy be a Zoura. Also, you can also try and search for a Zoura in the GTS, if that is available to you. Or ask around in the chat for a Celebi/Zoura.

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I'll hack an EVENT Celebi. Which does work if you want.
Drat, thats too bad :(...
Can you really do that? I have noidea how to hack the games.
Maybe if we ever meet to chat i can offer you zorua or zorark to trade!!!!
trade you a shiney level 75 ho-oh for event celebi