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Fastest to get and does the job.

What Generation are you talking about?

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My answer is Aron.

Aron has sturdy, which serves as a substitute for Focus Sash, and instead you can give it a Shell Bell and use F.E.A.R many times.

Aron @ Shell Bell
Trait: Sturdy
EVs: None
Any Nature (Perhaps a Speed or Defense/ Special Defense decreasing one?)
IVs: 0 Def, 0 SDef, 0 Spe
- Endeavor
- Quick Attack
- None
- None

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This is the best one, but remember to use this in Sand.
As JCM said it is the best because of sand resistance, but shell bell may not be best item, because it will heal and then endeavor won't bring the foes HP down to one.
It's level 1. Shell Bell is THE mandatory Item. Any attack will bring it to Sturdy level, so when it attacks it gets back all it's health.
Ok I get it now. I thought shell bell was the same as leftovers.
Yeah, so did I. It's never used in competitive. I don't even recommend FEAR in competitive.
Ghost type with protect or any priority move. FEAR becomes useless. Yeah I don't like Fear in Competitive either. I've never seen it used.
It's not about all the counters it has, but of the cheapness.
tru dat.
"Reshirams Turboblaze" OHKOs stupid Aron
And Haxorus...And Will-O-Wisp...And anything else like that...
That may be so, but still there's a LOT of counters to this. Ghost types, Magic Guard Alakazam, mold breaker (especially rampardos),  rock, steel, or ground types.  Fear is easy to get around.
I thought so, but aron can't learn quick attack.
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Rattata/Raticate is (I think) the original FEAR Pokemon.

But these are some other ones


There really isn't any "Best" FEAR Pokemon, it's just whatever works best for your team.
It depends on the generation which Pokemon is easiest to find. Gen V it's almost impossible to get the Pokemon I mentioned above before reaching the elite four, unless you can trade.


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Starly (L1)
@ Focus Sash
Quick Attack
* (and 2 filler moves/ it doesn't need other moves)

Starly's the one that I see the most, but tbh, any Pokemon that can learn Endeavour + a priority move will do equally as well.

List of FEAR Pokemon

Pokemon with trick can knock off the stupid sash, will NOT be able to be knocked out with quick attack, and will slap that fear into submission.
taillow does this too but better
can hit ghoust types with scrappy