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And I saw it run on the water. is that where I go to catch it?


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Assmuing you're talking about HG/SS, Well, like I said before, no. You have to beat the game first. It really makes no sense how they did that. They should all be together. Once you beat the Elite 4 and get to Route 25, you catch Suicune there. That's in Kanto.

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('Like I said before' is a reference to a question of his that was of the same subject.)
Isn't it close to the windmills? I don't remember.
Maybe. I don't remember much of what that route looked like. Haven't played it for 2 years.
,_, So many memories....Especially Emerald. I loved that game so much.
I never completed Emerald. I got lost without a Poke that knew Fly while looking for Rayquaza.
XD No Maps??? XD