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I need a replacement for my Castform and I think a Dark type would help with the E4.

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it depends what you need.

Zoroark is a sweeper. It has pityful defence but excellent SpAtk and Atk. it can also be used to avoid damage. A common statergy is to send it out as a Fight type. the opponent will use a Psychic move and will do no damage.

I would go for the obvious special sweeper.

EVs: SpAtk/Speed
•Nasty Plot
•Night daze (or Dark Pulse for that extra sliver of reliability)
Set posted by Pokemaster. But you can give it any move depending on the situation.

Umbreon is a wall. Moves like toxic and wish make it hard to defeat combined with great defencive skills. I would give it this...

Umbreon (F) @ Life Orb

Trait: Synchronize

EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SAtk

Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
•Dark Pulse
•Hidden Power [Fighting]
hex's moveset which I often use. its attack is low but it can make up for it.

Choose them depending on what you need. hope I helped!

PX ;}

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Life Orb on Umbreon? That destroys him. Give him leftovers, Shell Bell, Wiseglasses but not Life Orb
Just a reminder: Those sets are bad, lol.
Umbreon FTW!
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Both of them is good but I would choose umbreon heres a good moveset.

Umbreon EVs speed/SPatk.Item:
Item: you just are gonna use it to complete the E4 you dont need it

Abillity synchronize

Dark Pulse: STAB
Psychic: To cover fighting types
Moonlight: Heal
Toxic: Perfect with moonlight

Umbreon Hope you liked it ///////Jofly

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Jofly, in case you didn't check, Umbreon's Spatk is very low (60), so there's no real point to giving it any real attack moves. Moonlight and Toxic is OK, but think about sets before you post them. or be lazy like me and use someone else's ;}
yh... In ingame, sweeper is much better than tank/staller
but if you are against a fighting pokemon its good to have psychic
Zoroark has extrasensory that hits harder
even if the BP is a bit lower, it has much higher spatk
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Wall vs Sweeper. I prefer Zoroark as a Sweeper, and Umbreon as a wall. Although, I recommend Zoroark (Take Umbreon if you're lacking a wall) in a Zoroark-based team, meaning that you name all your Pokemon Zoroark. This way, the opponent will be really confused, and won't know if it should use a Fighting, Bug, Dark, Ghost or Psychic type move vs you. It's very effective, although rare so it conserves the surprise effect.

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Zoruark will automatically cover names.
Exactly. Thus confusing the opponent.
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252 SPa 252 Def 4 hp
Night Daze:STAB
Foul Play:Higher power killer
U-turn:Switch from dark types
Bounce/areial ace:coverage
its so much better!

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I have to agree with ya there.
Meh, Umbreon rules...
I like zoroark more. He has a better ability :3 Synchronize is cool, but it's fun playing mind games on your foe with zoroark.