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So for my weather breaking team
I need something to kill politoed, not just any kill, a suprise kill
What I mean by that is a Pokemon that can OHKO politoed with a super effective attack but doesn't gain STAB and politoed's STABs have to be effective on it.
If it does gain STAB, the politoed will get scared and switch making my job harder. Some example of the revenge killers are below

Mamoswine can take out ninetales with an earthquake and ninetales won't suspect a scarf meaning it will try to land a super effective fire attack, but scarfed mamo OHKO's it

Latios can also take out Abomasnow. Abomasnow will most likely try to land a blizzard on me but I can easily take it down with HP fire.

These types of Pokemon can revenge kill unsuspecting weather bringers so I can cripple the team. But I still need one for politoed. Remember it should probable not be grass or electric or I'll scare it away.

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Fire-types are resisted by Mamoswine.......
mamo gets thick fat but in sun......
Sun doesn't neglect Thick Fat, it only gives more power to Ninetales Fire-moves.
well it still might use solar beam and that fire blast will still pack a punch
Ferrothorn destroys Politoad. Guaranteed!
It has stab.

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Well, I know something that can ruin Poli, or if they're a smart opponent, it can set up and kill a Pokemon or two... Volcarona
Since this sexy bug gets Giga Drain, a Super Effective move on Politoed, and can abuse Hurricane AND can set up a quiver Dance before a Scald comes your way, he's a pretty reliable Pokemon for this...

Volcarona @ Leftovers/Expert Belt
Trait: Flame Body
EVs: 108 Spd / 248 SAtk / 152 HP
Modest Nature
- Quiver Dance
- Giga Drain
- Fiery Dance
- Bug Buzz/Hurricane

With this EV spread, it helps you outspeed max speed Politoed, and guarantees a safe Quiver Dance (unless it's scarfed) and it adds some bulk to help take a Scald with a bit more ease. Kill off Politoed with a Giga Drain or if you predict a switch, fire off any other attack as you wish.
~Good luck against them rain teams.

Alright, so here are your calcs...

Giga Drain at +1
252SpAtk +1 Volcarona (+SAtk) Giga Drain vs 252HP/252SpDef Leftovers Politoed (+SpDef): 52% - 61% (200 - 236 HP). Guaranteed 2HKO.

Giga Drain at +1, but landing a crit*
252SpAtk +1 Volcarona (+SAtk) crit Giga Drain vs 252HP/252SpDef Leftovers Politoed (+SpDef): 104% - 122% (400 - 472 HP). Guaranteed OHKO.

Giga Drain at +1 with Expert Belt
252SpAtk Expert Belt +1 Volcarona (+SAtk) Giga Drain vs 252HP/252SpDef Leftovers Politoed (+SpDef): 62% - 73% (240 - 283 HP). Guaranteed 2HKO.

Giga Drain at +1 with Expert Belt, but landing a crit*
252SpAtk Expert Belt +1 Volcarona (+SAtk) crit Giga Drain vs 252HP/252SpDef Leftovers Politoed (+SpDef): 125% - 147% (480 - 566 HP). Guaranteed OHKO.
(Please note that this is the bulkiest EV spread that Politoed can run and take the most minimal damage from your Giga Drain. Any other set will take more damage.)

Now, as for Poli hitting you...

A 252 SAtk Politoed hitting you with a Stab Scald in the Rain
252SpAtk Politoed (+SAtk) Scald in Rain vs 152HP/0SpDef Leftovers +1 Volcarona (Neutral): 61% - 72% (216 - 254 HP). Guaranteed 2HKO.
Crit would obviously be an OHKO xD

Now as for a regular Politoed hitting you with a Hydro Pump in the rain
252SpAtk Politoed (+SAtk) Hydro Pump in Rain vs 152HP/0SpDef Leftovers +1 Volcarona (Neutral): 91% - 108% (320 - 380 HP). Guaranteed 2HKO. 51% chance to OHKO.
Crit again, would be an OHKO

Now, for the Specs Politoed that is seen around in OU...

Specs Scald
252SpAtk Choice Specs Politoed (+SAtk) Scald in Rain vs 152HP/0SpDef Leftovers +1 Volcarona (Neutral): 91% - 108% (320 - 380 HP). Guaranteed 2HKO. 51% chance to OHKO.
Crit is OHKO

Specs Hydro Pump
252SpAtk Choice Specs Politoed (+SAtk) Hydro Pump in Rain vs 152HP/0SpDef Leftovers +1 Volcarona (Neutral): 138% - 163% (482 - 570 HP). Guaranteed OHKO.

So, this can serve as a StallToed counter, but beware of Specs Poli, as it rapes this fellow bug...

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reuniclus can absorb hydro pump pretty well
well goodbye scizor yo had a good run
wait does spd mean speed or special defense?
it means speed.
YES volcarona is a BAWS
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So I answered the first time and my answer was subpar so here is my next favorite poli counter. Da Kingdra! He resists most of poli's attacks and only really fears Toxic. He can easily outspeed even a scarfed Poli and Ko with an Outrage. The gimmick in this is the unexpected Swift Swim on the Kingdra. THe poli will assume that it has Sniper due to Drizzle+Swift Swim on the same team being banned in OU. And after dispatching the toad, he can continue to sweep through the opponents team with ease!

Kingdra @ Leftovers
Swift Swim
252 Atk/ 4 HP/ 252 Spe

Dragon Dance

A great set and an unpredicted Poli counter. He can either set up a sub to gain a wall but with the risk of scaring the Politoed out. His other main option is to just start off with an Outrage and will not always 2HKO but will assuredly 3HKO. DD is great after he has been dispatched to continue the sweep in the rain. Waterfall is also for after Poli has been eliminated. With this set, taking out poli and starting a sweep are two of this sets favorite things to do!
Hows this TBB, it is not killing with super effective STAB is completely unexpected. Even though he cannot quickly KO the Poli, it can be very effective

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nice answer! this guy can take some hits as well as deliver them
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I think that mimagius might be able to:
[email protected] life orb
ability: levitate
EV's: 252speed/ 252 sp. att.
moves:(there are a lot of choices)
thunderbolt (or thunder because it is raining it will be 100% accuracy)
shadow ball(STAB)
energy ball/power gem/psychic/hp fighting

You could use froslass:
[email protected] orb or choice specs
ability: cursed body
EV's: 252speed/252sp.att./4hp
blizzard or ice beam
shadow ball
psychic/signal beam/ destiny bond

Or Gengar:
[email protected] orb or choice specs
ability: levitate
EV's: 252 speed/ 252 sp.att./ 4 def.
shadow ball
focus blast/psychic/ energy ball/ hypnosis/ dream eater/ nightmare/sludge bomb

[email protected] life orb
ability: multiscale
EV's 252speed/ 252sp.att./ 4 hp
dragon rush
ice beam/focus blast/fire blast/ flamethrower/surf

[email protected]
ability: magic gaurd
EV's 252 hp/ 200 sp. att./104 sp.def.
calm mind

[email protected] life orb
ability:natural cure
EV's: 252 sp. att./ 252 speed/4 hp
surf/hydro pump
ice beam/rapid spin/ recover/signal beam/blizzard
credit to JCM for starmie

hope this helps :)

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Well since I see no answer of a good Poli counter, here is my two cents. Politoed is a pretty easy Pokemon to counter with a good special wall. And preferably one that resists its moves. Lets say Grass/Steel. Lets say Ferrothorn! He is a great lead and can destroy Politoed leads with ease. So Ferrothorn cleanly resists all of Politoeds moves bar Brick Break and Focus Blast. But what the heck, who says Ferro cant take a Focus Blast? It is immune to Toxic and all of poli's other main moves bar Focus Blast do pitiful damage! So make a Special defensive Ferro and problem solved. And btw, one Power Whip cleanly KOes poli.

Ferrothorn @ Leftovers
Iron Barbs
252 HP/ 4 Def/ 252 SpD

Power Whip
Gyro Ball
Protect/Stealth Rock

So a basic special wall Ferrothorn can be your best friend here. Simple moves, simple set, ultra effective. Power Whip is great STAB and eliminates your enemy here. And it does massive damage to most other pokeon who are not deticated physical walls and those that resist it. Spikes is your setup move of choice. Lets just hope you can eliminate Poli then set up a set of spikes. Gyro Ball is your other STAB and will have 150 BP most of the time. Protect is useful when scouting and also checking if poli has Focus Blast. Stealth Rock is useful for hitting Flying types and levitate users.
I hope you like! It is my favorite poli counter and is definitly effective.

I said I don't wanna get STAB
nuts (filler)
good answer though
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I think that a serperior can do it:
item: engima berry(to boost attack WITHOUT losing HP)
types)frenzy plant
Hyper beam
swords dance
ability:like always,overgrow. It also has 528 stats together better then a lv100 mew (seriously my mew has in the 200's of stats) nature: timid..

enter image description here

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you should only have one grass type attack
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serperior cant learn dig, surf, or stone edge
Mine could, Ill change it, By mine I mean surf...
Frenzy plant:STAB
Hyper beam:A good move
Protect:To avoid damage
swords dance:To boost attack