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I start with smeargle with the moves spore/aqua ring/ingrain/Baton pass
i use spore and if the foes Pokemon is faster smeargle just use its Focus sash.
After that I use ingrain and aqua ring (if smeargle was faster than the foe you can make spore again and then baton pass) But if he isnt you just use baton pass.

Then you send out drifblim with Hypnosis/stockpile/baton pass/protect
just use hypnosis to make the foe asleep but I gave my drifblim wide lens to make hypnosis hit easier. when the oe is asleep use stockpile 3 times. then baton pass to shuckle

baton pass to shuckle Toxic/sandstorm/substitute/protect and ITEM: leftovers
Use substitute and toxic and you just let the foe getg hurt by toxic and sandstorm every turn

Is this a good tactic???

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Throw out Shuckle and Pass all that onto a Ferrothorn and THEN your opponent has a major problem

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In "theory" this could be possible. However, I wouldn't really recommend it. Smeargles defences are weak, so if the opponent wakes up or uses Lum berry ect ect then Smeargle wouldn't be able to pass on. Also, Driftblim is taken out with relatives ease, a powerful crunch or gengars shadow ball will probably KO it any way so its probably not the best tactic to use. But by all means try it and report back.

hope I helped ;}

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i. You can only put one of the opponent's Pokemon to sleep at any one time, so if you used Spore, your opponent will switch Pokemon and be able to attack you.

ii. Hypnosis has an accuracy of 55%, meaning it's liable to miss, so if your Smeargle is KO'd and the spored Pokemon wakes up, you'd be wasting your time if Hypnosis misses.

iii. You are 100% liable to Taunt and Encore. If you are taunted, then all you will have left is struggle & you will deal damage to yourself. If a Pokemon puts in a substitute, toxic is useless (and nearly everything will outspeed Shuckle). If you are encored, this set is useless. A lot of teams carry Prankster Pokemon like Liepard or Whimsicott, which will render your set useless.

iv. Neither Smeargle, Drifblim or Shuckle have a speed stat that's brilliant, although Drifblim does have Unburden as one of its abilities, it will only activate if its held item is consumed.

v. Smeargle is easily KO'd, even with focus sash. Many Pokemon carry priority moves like Bullet Punch/ Aqua Jet/ Mach Punch.

vi. If your opponent carries Haze then your Shuckle is doomed. Haze isn't actually that uncommon what with Cofagrigus being a popular wall.

vii. Any Steel type will be able to to wall you completely, being immune to toxic and unaffected by sandstorm. A Pokemon like Nidoking/ Nidoqueen will also be immune to the effects of those moves as well. Also, a Pokemon with Synchronise will affect your Shuckle with poisoning too, and if your opponent just keeps switching Pokemon, your Shuckle will wear itself out with its poisoning.

This is a really gimmicky strategy that requires so much set up and such specific circumstances that it's not worth using. At all.

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Smeargle's spore is predictable, letting insomnia and vital spirit users like Primeape easily take it out. All three have a taunt vulnerability and can be outsped by several key threats. Yes, it would make shuckle extremely annoying, but any steel types would just laugh at it. Also, while rare, seismic toss and night shade would end shuckle, especially from Natu, given it's magic bounce ability. Basically, the idea needs a lot of fairly shaky setup only to get passed to shuckle, who has a fair few counters itself, strong substitute or not. My verdict is it's not worth the effort. But feel free to try. Maybe it'll work better in practice though you will need a solid solution to taunt. I'd replace shuckle with something that doesn't have to rely on toxic. On the plus side, ingrains phasing immunity is a great idea for baton passing to a defensive booster.
Your idea might work, but I think there are way better options to be had.

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