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simply I have two Pokemon with U-turn and I keep using it to minimise the damage to one Pokemon. they are both holding a quick claw too. is this a good tactic??

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Is this in-game, or Battle Tree, or competitive.
Choice scarfs or much more reliable. Try those, since you will just be switching anyway.
I don't think u-turn is good in doubles
First off, this depends heavily on the format.
Secondly what? I don't understand? Do you like, want the pokemon to use u-turn on each other, or are you literlaly jsut going to only use u-turn?
Why are you not using protect, fake out, follow me, or rage powder?
first of all @stall_fest no im not using u turn on each pokemon. secondly @~MegaCharizardY~ i might change it to a choise scarf. thirdly @Jhnfui all types of battling. fourthly @SpillThePolteageist i only use it on super effective opponents. and lastly @sumwum they both already know protect so.....
You still haven't told us the format. Is this for VGC, OU, or something else?

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Nope, sorry. I know you haven't given where you intend to use this, but it's too much of a gimmick and far too risky to try if you're trying to play seriously.

The problems with your "tactic":

  • You don't do enough damage to ensure you knock out the opposing Pokemon.
  • Bug isn't that great a move offensively, some very common Pokemon resist it. Its 70 Base Power isn't enough to overwhelm your opponents.
  • Usually you want to execute slower U turns so your stronger Pokemon can safely switch in without taking damage (this is called pivoting)
  • Quick Claw is a terrible item to use competitively, and most formats don't allow two items of the same kind anyway. Your strategy needs Quick Claw to activate, but that's not guaranteed. You might end up not activating it at a crucial juncture and losing the match

I read through your question, and from what I understand, you want to use it to deal super effective damage and switch out rather than simply switching out, in which case it's a good enough move to use. Does its job, but doesn't guarantee an advantage over your opponent. For example, of they use Protect, then you don't do damage and you don't switch out, and they might target and knock out your Pokemon.

All in all, my suggestion to you is to use U turn as a filler move, and use it on slower Pokemon. This is because you will switch out fast, but the oncoming attack will damage the Pokemon you switch into. Ditch the Quick Claw, go for something that's more reliable. U turn is more for utility than damage.

Finally you might be interested in checking out Volt Switch as well, it does the same thing but it's Electric type and deals special damage. It's a common combo called Volt-Turn, and allows you to maintain offensive pressure even while switching.

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thanks for the answer (although it was blunt) it really gave me a wake up call.