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If I teach a poliwrath, dynamic punch, bulk up, hypnosis, and water fall.

and a latios, psychic, surf, dragon pulse and recover.

for a double battle and start with my poliwrath using bulk up and latios using surf to do damage and heal poliwrath.

and repeat for a couple turns then have poliwrath attack is this a good stratigy.

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good, but not great

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Not a bad idea, but what will ensure the opponent will always attack Polwrath? Without a way to keep Latios in good shape, then there's no way to keep Poliwrath in good shape either, in the case that Latios gets KO'd, because of no Surf scope. It's iffy, because most people will probably try to attack Latios, because it's a legendary.

I'd give this strategy a 6, and I'll bump it up to 8 if you can find a way to protect Latios as well. How's that? =)

I edit and gave latios recover
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That is a good strategy, yes. Poliwraths typing also covers those tricky ice and dark types to help Latios. Now thats teamwork, but Poliwrath only has 1 move you can REALLY rely on - waterfall. Dynamicpunch and Hypnosis miss quite a lot, so you might want rethink that. but overall it is a good strategy. nice and simple, yet effective, But a Lapras would help more, in my opinion, because Lapras's main weaknesses (fight and rock) are very easily covered by Latios, and with a sitrus berry combined with surf healing, AND ev trained in Defense = AWESOME survival over at least 3 turns, or I'd say, potentially half the battle or more. But, of course its your choice, just a suggestion here.