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I created this strange gyarados set.

Gyarados /leftovers /calm nature /Intimidate / 252 HP EVs 100 Atk EVs. 128 SpDef EVs 30 Spd EVs./
-dragon tail
-thunder wave
I have tried this set on my stall team. A wall Gyarados set takes foes off guard.it has enough power to still dent teams. I seen this set wreck baton pass teams and set up sweepers like Calm mind keldeo and especially swordance and nastyplot Infernape. I want to know if its a good set to even use. If it is pleez offer suggestions!
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don't think it'd work very well. psyshock users and just regular switchins would pick it's defense apart. you're better playing to gyarados' strengths. jellicent and slowbro exceed at this role far better. and a specially defensive wall with a 4X electric weakness is hell in a tier where Bolt/beam is common. It's a new idea and may have unpredictability value but otherwise it's trouble. I mean, mantine has the same rough sp.def, typing and role and it's NU.
On the plus side it walls common fighting types, and intimidate is useful, but a simple switch (especially with a status absorber or gastodon) would leave you cold.
honestly, I think you're better off with another mon or technique here. the unpredictability is great, though. if you like the technique and can use it then it could work. hell, at least it would be a laugh and something different. but I don't think it'd be worth it.

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Thanks man.
hey, it's definitely original.