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My friend has sapphire and well he doesn't know very much about pokemon in comparison to me.
what is a good one to beat the elite four he has.




i know he has more but I forget and I do not know his movesets

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He also has a swampert

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Well, to defeat the E4 try:

Hariyama: It can have the ability Thick Fat, which helps against the Ice E4. It has Fighting STAB, which deals with the Dark and Ice E4, plus works against most of Steven's Pokemon.

Aggron: Steel is a type with many resistances, and will be useful here.

Walrein: Another Thick Fat Pokemon. This one hs the useful Ice STAB, to take down the Dragon type E4.

The starter: Of course you should have the starter on your team.

Kyogre: Helpful against the E4.

Camerupt: Mainly here for being a Fire type, although it also has STAB Earthquake. This guy is useful in taking down Stephen.

If you don't want to use Legendaries, then Manectric is a good choice, helping here and there.

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Swampert is beast agaist the elite four in saphire I know that cause mah friend ( how ironic we both tlking about a friend) beat it with hers at lv 83 and barely or didnt at all use any other pokemon and I cnt evan do that in my diaamond with my umbreon and espeon both lv 100 I have to use both of them with mah lugia as back up anytime I fight the ellit four.

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Okay, best pokemon to beat the Elite 4 with: Swampert. Now, I'm not just doing that because of my name. It's because he was the first pokemon I ever got (or, more accurately, Mudkip) and I beat the Elite 4 on my first try, with a Swampert level 64. He's also good for the game:
Rustboro Gym (Rock) = Easy
Dewford Gym (Fighting) Medium
Mauville Gym (Electric) = Medium (You should have a Marshtomp by now, making Electric-type moves uneffective)
Vendarturf Gym (Fire) = Super Easy (Part Ground)
Petalburg Gym (Normal) = Medium
Fortree Gym (Flying) = Medium
Mossdeep Gym (Psychic) = Medium
Sootopolis Gym (Water) = Medium/Hard

I hope I helped your friend (good thing he has Swampert!)


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