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I heard a rumor from someone on my bus that pokemon black/white was gonna have a two new eeveelutions is that true?

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Perhaps Eevee will get some new eeveelutions in Gen 6. I'm guessing so.

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All of the generation five pokemon have been confirmed, and there is no information on any pokemon that evolve from eevee. There were rumors of more eeveelutions, but nothing has been confirmed as said before. though eevee hasn't gotten new evolutions every generation, (Hoenn region, generation three)

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Yeah thats true, they should thow because they need to have one of every type in my opinion :3
I think they should make a super omni eevee that is every type or one that is a normal type.
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Game Freak, early in development, made Eevee, and thought,

"What if we made Eevee evolve into a whole bunch of different Pokemon? Each Pokemon would have its own personality, and would really give a definition to 'Evolution'!"

Basically, a gimmick.

So they decided to make an Eeveeloution for each Specially-based type at the time (Fire, Water, Electric, Grass, Psychic, [the soon-to-be] Dark, Ice, Dragon).

And since a Dragon-type Eeveeloution would look as queer as the birds, then I suppose the Eeveeloutions are done!

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They had already done ice and dark but they have not done dragon