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So I had a Nincada at level 30 (I caught it in the bug contest I think) with an empty spot and when I leveled it up it evolved, but I didn't get a Shedinga. Did I do something wrong?


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You need to have a spare Pokeball as well. Not just a free space in your party.

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does it have to be a normal one or can it be say an ultra ball?
Has to be a Pokeball.
that would be the problem. oh well I still have another nincata to evolve anyway...
I always make my Nincada hold a Pokeball just to make sure. I don't know if that counts as a spare.
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Did you have a extra Pokeball? If not then you need to get one to obtain Shedinja. Other than that its a glitch.

I had pokeballs, just not a normal one. more advanced like ultra and the apricot variations