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Well, in my experience of using Venu in the sun(I assume that's what you are using it for) I prefer Giga Drain. Not only can you use it as your attack AND Stab move,it leaves a spot free for whatever you want. Growth can be used to boost Atk and SpAtk in sun by 2 each. Or you can pull of a mixed set with Earthquake, or maybe give it some psychic coverage with Hidden power Dark. Synthesis may seem like a good idea but if rain or sand comes in it's useless. It's much safer to just use Giga so you can heal despite the weather.

OK hope I helped! PX;]

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perhaps not the best answer...well not professional looking anyway. But my point is that Giga drain > Synthesis cos it's safer
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Giga drain might be a revival and attack move but one thing for sure synthesis gets on your opponents nerve, every time you have low hp just use synthesis however synthesis is useless if it is raining or a sandstorm is brewing.aswell as reviving you Giga drain also does a decent amount of damage.

Therefore I think you should go for Giga drain.

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