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Zap Canon for Ampharos and Dynamic Punch for Typhlosion to be exact. In my opinion, the best moves for these Pkms.


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Typhlosion cannot learn DynamicPunch.
Ampharos cannot learn Zap Cannon.

Sorry :\
Ok, edit: I just found out that Typhosion can learn DynamicPunch by tutor in Gen II.
Ampharos can learn Zap Cannon by TM in Gen II.
In answer to your question, they both can't learn those moves by breeding.

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Yes, as of gen 2. But I'm wondering if these two pokemon can learn indirectly via breeding. A pokemon like Magnaton or Poliwrath, which can learn either move and is bread to these pokemon
true, true
They can't.
Not through breeding? I want to be sure if that's what you mean.
Yes, not through breeding. Ampharos cannot learn Zap cannon by breeding. Neither can Typhlosion.