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I need it to find out its IVs. It's level 25.

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Hmm. Well, your question says IVs, your title says EVs... To find out the Poke'mon's EVs, well, you can't. What you'll have to do is either use LOT's of EV reducing Berrys, or breed it and start anew, since newly hatched Pokèmon have no EVs.
To find out a Poke'mon's exact IVs, use an IV calculator like this one: http://www.serebii.net/games/iv-calcdp.shtml

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I looked at the calculator and it said I needed EVs to find my IVs so that I can see if it has good SP Attack IVs.
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You can check your EVs by calling Bianca on the Xtransceiver, and choose the option 'please look at effort'. While her answers are vague, it will give you an indication as to where your Pokemon's EVs lie.

IVs are checked by using an IV calculator (as Pokeslash linked). Be sure to either have 0 EVs, or reset your Pokemon's EVs (with EV reducing berries) before you use an IV calculator for an accurate calculation. Short of knowing exactly what EVs your Pokemon has, these are the ways to ensure accurate calculation of IVs.

Since I think you got EVs and IVs mixed up:

EVs: Effort Values
- gained through training/ battling wild animals; reset by EV reducing berries
IVs: Individual Values
- cannot be changed, and are decided when the Pokemon is caught/ hatched; IVs determine how much potential the Pokemon has