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I want to train my Pokemon which are like 40 to 50 to at least 60s.
Where is the best place to do that?


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Good question! If your Pokemon are at a level of 45-50, then listen up. After you beat the Elite 4, go to Pacifidlog town. Surf east until you find an and small kind of maze. If you see it, go left, up, right, up, then you find a cave, with no Pokemon. Go up until you reach the exit, then you arrive at Sky Pillar, where Rayquaza is found. Save your data at least before 2 steps at the entrance. Done? Read below for more. Of course, train with an Exp. Share for better results.

For Pokemon at the Level of 40-50:
Stay and train at level one (means floor one).
For Pokemon at the level of 50-55:
Stay and train at level 3 or above (means floor 3 or above).

Keep on training, and you'll have strong Pokemon at no time.

Not to mention, for Pokemon a bit weaker, around levels 30-40, train near Victory Road, and for Pokemon 50-60, training at the Elite Four can also be great. Hope I helped.

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i forgot compeletely about sky pillar!:D...good job flare!
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Can we access Sky Pillar before beating the elite 4?
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Well,the best place to do that is the Pokemon league..there are not so many places with strong Pokemon in gen iii except Pokemon league,victory road,rebattling the gym leaders,beating Steven in meteor falls cave....thats all,.try it ...hope I helped:D

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If you wanna train then keep fighting gabby and ty their Pokemon level to 39 and give better exp then sky pillar Pokemon beacause they are trainer battles.
Gabby n ty show up in three places:
-Above mauvile city when using rock smash (so carry a hm slave)
- right of mauvile city after using surf to go across the small lake
- And lastly to the right of the city with winona.

They teleport in that order

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